Attractions in Pecs – the Zsolnay Porcelain

The Zsolnay Fountain in Pecs

The Zsolnay Fountain in Pecs @Photos et Voyages/Flick

Pecs is one of the largest cities of Hungary. It awaits every visitor with dozens of museums, tourist sights, religious and public institutions and the attractions of the Zsolnay family. The most famous of these is the Zsolnay factory, but besides this, you can admire the Zsolnay fountain in the main square, and in the vicinity of the factory, the Zsolnay Museum.

In the following we will present you more details regarding the Zsolnay Porcelain and important attractions in Pecs, so you can get acquainted more closely with these unique and charming works of art and their splendid beauty, that will surely leave you speechless.

The beginning of the Zsolnay heritage

The first  Zsolnay Factory in Pecs, which was originally opened by Miklos Zsolnay was built in 1852. It was handed two years later ro his son, the Ignac Zsolnay. At first they made ​​of 8-10 pieces, but the factory couldn’t keep the pace and it was to be closed. In 1865 it was taken over by Vilmos Zsolnay, the younger brother of Ignace, which began to develop the factory, that  has won a worldwide reputation. He tried over 80 types of clays and paints until he managed to find the most ideal material and the most beautiful shades. After this it became the first leader in the manufacture of ceramics in the whole country.

The Zsolnay Fountain in Pecs

The Zsolnay Fountain in Pecs @Photos et Voyages/Flick

In 1870, the Zsolnay Factory already worked with about 20 employees. Vilmos managed to develop its business with foreign masters along with his children, who were always helpful in improving the quality. Among the best known works of the factory are the pieces of art made ​​of porcelain and decorated with eosin with the different forms.

The Zsolnay factory today

In 2008 the Zsolnay Factory has made ​​a contract with the famous IKEA, based on which, beginning with the year 2009, for 7 years, it will provide 5,000 tons of porcelain art pieces. Until this year, the annual income was around 1.1 billion forints, but after this contract the income tripled.

You can visit both the factory and the museum. In the factory, the entry fees vary depending on the exhibition which you want to see. Among the most interesting sections is the collection and exhibition of Gyugyi Tamas, within which you will find hundreds of pieces that have come a long way until they got back to the place where they started. Besides this, you can also visit the factory, where can be seen every step of the porcelain fabrication process.

Zsolnay Porcelain

Zsolnay Porcelain @dalbera/Flick

The Zsolnay Cultural Zone in Pecs is divided into four areas, the students section, the children and family section, the art section and creation section. These four districts form the whole, which awaits every visitor with hundreds of pieces of collection, dozens of statues in the large garden and thousands of memories.

Factory covered by Zsolnay Porcelain

Factory covered by Zsolnay Porcelain @Initiative Denkmalschutz; Erich J.Schimek/Flick

Zsolnay Pocelain in the square of Pecs

Zsolnay Pocelain in the square of Pecs @honeybunched/Flick


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