Attractions you cannot miss in Gyor

Bishop's Castle in Gyor

Bishop's Castle ©

There aren’t really any large cities in Hungary apart from Budapest, but the city of Győr in the North-Western part of the country belongs to the larger ones in terms of Hungarian cities. It is the third richest city in monuments in the whole country, to recognize the reconstruction of the baroque style Old Town, Győr earned the prestigious European award for the protection of monuments.

Below are some of the local attractions you cannot miss, let us know in the comment section which one would you be most interested to see or which one is it that you saw already… 

Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa

Raba Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa in Gyor

Raba Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa ©

The thermal waters in the area are mentioned in many documents since the early Middle Ages. The original spa was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, but this was entirely reconstructed around 2000 to be able to serve the 21st century needs. Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa has got 5 pools, 2 large slides, a sauna garden, a restaurant, a swim-up bar and many other things to make you enjoy your stay.

National Theater of Győr

Gyor National Theater

Gyor National Theater ©

Today’s National Theater was built in 1970, so it is not a very old building, but it is still worth a visit, it is a very fine example of the communist architecture of public buildings – not very pretty  if you ask me, but  one should definitely not miss it. Besides, there are many nice plays, the company is rather good so even if the plays are in Hungarian, you can go check one out, it is a good way to get to know the language.

The Cathedral of Győr

Gyor Cathedral

Cathedral of Gyor ©

The Cathedral was founded by Saint Steven, the first king of Hungary, it was built in Roman style in the early 11the century but it was altered and renovated many times and today it mostly wears the features of baroque and classicism. The cathedral is breathtaking, especially from the inside, its walls decorated with beautiful paintings, the small chapel attached to it hold the tomb of the martyr bishop of the city, Vilmos Apor but the large church holds many other important relics too.

Bishop’s Castle

Bishop's Castle in Gyor

Bishop's Castle ©

Bishop’s Castle is oldest preserved building in the whole city. It was built in the 12th century and was mainly fortified during the Turkish occupation. Two of the bastions and the main gate are still the same as they were nearly 800 years ago which is quite cool, plus the view from the bastions is amazing!

The Zoo in Győr

Xantus Janos Zoo in Gyor

Zoo in Gyor ©

Perfect for a calming nice walk after a busy day/ more busy days of sightseeing, the Xantus Janos Zoo in Győr occupies more than 10 hectares of land and has got a rich collection of animals from all around the world.

Hope you will find Gyor as lovely as I did every time I was there, it is nice and quite but has got some special charm, plus it is close to a lot of other amazing places in the area.


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