Balatonfüred and the memories of the past

Nice building in Balatonfured

Nice building in Balatonfured ©anee.baba/Flick

Balatonfüred is one of the largest and most beautiful cities on the northern shore of the Lake of Balaton and it is inhabited for more than two thousand years. This place is an exciting mixture of the hint of the past remaining from the ancient settlements and the features of a modern tourist center and the characteristics of a spa town.

Balatonfüred is rightly known as the city of the water, because there are many other possibilities in addition to the lake. But we are so wrong if we think that this is all that the city can offer to us. Many heart patients own their lives or their recovery to this place.

Looking around in the city you will also see many beautiful buildings, exquisite villas and mansions. The city is also the location of the famous Anna Ball and is renowned by its delicious wine as well. We present you the city of Balatonfüred and the memories of the past.

The green promenade of Balatonfüred

The Nobel Prize-winning Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore planted a lime tree in the park in 1926 to commemorate his healing, which started a still a living tradition. Therefor the famous nearly one km long promenade of Balatonfüred is named after him. One Hindu legend says that whoever plants a tree in his old age, he will certainly live until the tree foliage breaks. Tagore believed the prophecy, and it was given to him to see the tree with leaves. Since then each of the celebrities that visited the city planted a tree next to the first plant.

Tagore promenade in Balatonfured

Tagore promenade in Balatonfured ©agocska/Flick

The traditional Anna Ball

On the 26th of July in the year of 1825 was held the first Anna Ball in the ballroom of the Horvath House, which is functioning today as a hotel. Since then the this traditional distinguished and sumptuous ball was organized for more than 180 times. Balatonfüred in the 1800s became a center of the art world and political life and the Anna Balls was a real focal point of this lively intellectual life. The ball had many famous Hungarian returning guests as Mór Jókai, Lujza Blaha and Michael Vörösmarty.

The wine of Balatonfüred

The wine of Balatonfüred is famous for its good taste. The Tagore promenade gets full of visitors during the traditional Wine Festival event series. Walking among the wineries, and tasting good wine you find yourself in a real carnival bustle and in a friendly atmosphere. Balatonfüred is known as the “The International city of vine and wine” since 1987.

Balatonfured Kemping

Balatonfured Kemping ©psalmi76/Flick

Architectural attractions of the city

The atmosphere of Balatonfüred would not be the same without the buildings. All of them are the memories of the past and have something to tell us about the past. The Blaha Lujza villa tells us how many summers spent there the “national nightingale”, the Jókai villa tells us how Mór Jókai lived and wrote the Golden man, the peasant houses of the Siske Street speak of the people who lived there. Whether we visit the Nagyvendéglő (Large Restaurant), the Classic style of Louis Kossuth well house, the building complex of the hospital built between 1836 and 1871, the Dőry villa, the Gombás mansion, or the Round temple, each of them has a story that is worth listening to!

Nice building in Balatonfured

Nice building in Balatonfured ©anee.baba/Flick

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