Balatonfüred as the city of water

Sailing in Balatonfured

Sailing in Balatonfured ©korom/Flick

If you are visiting Balatonfüred, close your eyes and try to deeply store the sounds, colors and smells of the city. Balatonfüred includes all of these: yellow flowers, curly gray walkways, white sailing boats, the blue-green water ripples of the lake, black shades, lush green trees and bushes, and brown, fluffy ducklings.

You will see many colorfully dressed people on the pale pier above the water. Stick in your mind the splashing the water, the wind that moves the sailing boats, the cry of the gulls, the sharp ships horn signal. Today we explain why is known Balatonfüred as the city of water.

This place can be summed like this: water water water, in all forms. If someone does not have enough water on the Lake of Balaton, Balatonfüred has so many other water alternatives for you to explore! Anyone who is looking for active fun, can visit the water and slide park complex. If you prefer a sauna, a spa, we would require you to head to the bath house!

Water water water in Balatonfured

Water water water in Balatonfured©anee.baba/Flick

The healing water of Balatonfüred

But here you also find sour healing mineral water. In Balatonfüred was already built a timer house spa in the 1700s, where the guests had the chance to dabble in the water and recuperate themselves. In 1971, the sour water of the city was was declared a medicinal water. This way became Balatonfüred the first spa city in Hungary. Today you can have complete cures in the spa of the National Heart Hospital including therapies, physiotherapy and professional guidance.

Walking in Balatonfured

Walking in Balatonfured ©agocska/Flick

Boats and ships in the city

Balatonfüred does not exist without boats. It as amazing sight as the smaller and bigger ship sails become alive and the ships are moved by the wind or just peacefully standing at the pier. This is the place of the first steamer ship started its journey on the lake of Balaton in 1846. If you want, you can still take a trip with a cruise ship and you can watch the sunset from the water. At the entrance of the harbor you will see the statues of the Fisherman and the Ferryman. If we speak of smoke, we should mention the small city train. Although this is not a smoking locomotive, it is very cozy and is a comfortable way to make a tour around the city.

Sailing in Balatonfured

Sailing in Balatonfured ©korom/Flick

Extreme sport in Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred gives place to extreme sports as well. On the beach of the Balatonfüred Camping is the water skiing and wakeboarding course, but you can also ride a horse in the area or you can ride a bycicle on a challenging terrain. Take a walk in the Small Forest, hike in the area, or visit the Lóczy cave discovered in 1882.

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