Best shopping options in Budapest

Budapest Christmas Market

Christmas Market ©

Wherever you go in the world, one of the first thing to think about is souvenirs and other things to buy. If you come to Budapest in this time of the year (pre-Christmas, November, December), obviously the first place you should go is the Budapest Christmas Market on the Vorosmarty Square, there you can get gifts and souvenirs of really high quality.

But if you come in any other time, you may need a few Budapest shopping option ideas. Whatever you are interested in, from authentic items and food products to general clothing, books, antiques and so on, Budapest has got it all, and has got a lot of it. Hope with this little shopping guide we can help with your trip, if you did not find what you wanted, please let us know in the comment section and we will answer as soon as we can. 

Hungaricums – Authentic Hungarian products

Selection of Tokaji wines

Tokaji Wines ©

Just like you would not go home from Mexico without a bottle of Tequila or from France without some local chease, there are some quality products that became the trademarks of Hungary. These Hungaricums, like the Tokaji Aszu, the Egri Bikaver, the palinka, the Pick Salami or the Zsolnay Ceramics, make perfect souvenirs and presents and they can be found pretty much everywhere in the Capital.

For folk art, like carved wooden objects, embroidered clothes, pottery can be found in gift shops near the Opera house, in the Buda Caste (little pricey) or at city markets. Hungarian wines and other food and drink items can be found in pretty much any larger shop or mall while Zsolnay and Herendi ceramics have their own stores in the larger shopping malls.

General shopping places

Központi Vásárcsarnok or Great Market Hall in Budapest

Great Market Hall ©harry_nl/Flickr

Budapest has some very nice and old markets where you can get fresh food as well as antiquities, books, Hungarian products and about anything else as well. The largest and best market in the city – I think – is the Great Market Hall (Központi Vásárcsarnok), on the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge, at Fővám square, it is more than 100 years old and really amazing. Other markets include the Market at Hold street, the Hunyadi Square Market and the Rákóczi Square Market.

If you want some real shopping, Váci utca (Váci street) is a most fashionable shopping area in the city with major international retailers and at least 10 restaurants, but for famous – and not-at-all cheap – designer shops go to the Andrássy Avenue. If you want antiques, go to the Ecseri Flea Market or the Antique Row very close to the Parliament. The largest shopping mall is the Westend City Center with its 400 stores, but Duna Pláza, Northern Pest and many others are also a nice ground for shopaholics.

Hope this sketchy guide to shopping options in Budapest helped, if need any other information, leave us a comment below.


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