Best winter trip destinations in Hungary

Felsőtárkány Lake in Hungary

Felsőtárkány Lake ©

It is one of my favorite things to do to go on short trips and walks and discover nature. One usually thinks it is mostly a spring or summer activity, but winter – I think – can be the time for very nice walks and trips out in the wild.

If you also have an inclination for a little healthy exercise and the will to discovery, let me present you with some of the best winter trip destinations in Hungary that I know of. If you have experience these places or ideas for others, please share it all in the comment section.


Felsőtárkány Lake in Hungary

Felsőtárkány Lake ©

One of the nicest villages of Heves county, is most popular among those who admire a beautiful view. Most of its territory belongs to the Bukki National Park and thus, has got a very varied flora and fauna. The landscape is absolutely adorable in the winter as well, especially when there is snow.

The lake of Felsotarkany is also a most pleasing sight and much more tranquil and romantic in the winter  during fishing season. If you are to stay here for an entire weekend, I would also recommend a visit to the nearby city of Eger and maybe a wine tour as well, if your time allows it.


Veresegyhaz forest in the winter, Hungary

Veresegyhaz in winter ©

Wether you have an entire day, or merely an afternoon for a trip, your destination should very well be Veresegyhaz in Pest county – near the capital. The Bear Home of the town is an absolute must. The animal farm taking in bears and wolves is open for visitors all year long.

Here, on a huge territory, you will only be separated from these wild animals by the fences. You can even feed the bears using a long wooden spoon – is that not the most exciting thing?


Szilvasvarad in the winter

Szilvasvarad view ©

Every season is good enough to admire the beautiful Fatyol Waterfall (Veil waterfall) near Szilvasvarad, Heves county. As you may imagine, winter brings calmness here as well, the lack of summer crowds can be very pleasing and solitude very enjoyable.

From the waterfall there are numerous little pathways for those who prefer easy walks but if you are up to some trekking and more serious exercise, you can go up to the cave at Istallo-ko (Stable-stone) – you will love the view. A perfect closure for the day could be to sip a cup of sweet mulled wine, sitting next to a nice fireplace.

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