Budapest Christmas Market in 2011

Christmas Market in Budapest on Vorosmarty Square


Well there is only 5 weeks left before Christmas and preparations for the winter holidays have already begun all over the world. This means that the iconic European Christmas markets will also open their gates within a few days to provide the ultimate Christmas feeling to all who visit.

Budapest hosts one of the most popular Christmas markets in Europe every year, this will by the 13th holiday fair in the Hungarian capital. 143 wooden pavilions await the visitors at the prominent Vorosmarty Square in Budapest downtown with great food, quality products and gift ideas and breathtaking Christmas decoration.

Quality gift ideas for Christmas

Pavilion with ceramics and jewelry at Budapest Christmas Market


The quality of the merchandise in each pavilion is ensured by the jury of the Hungarian Craftsman Association who worked for months to decide which products are the most useful and of quality, so only these could get to the shelves of the small wooden houses.

You can find hand-crafted articles from authentic and classical Christmas decorations through woven, leather and iron made articles and wooden toys through candles, jewelry, home-made bathing products, ceramics, glass works and much more. I would love to do my Christmas shopping at the market this year, it seems very promising.

More than market food

Hungarian kenyérlángos


There is always a large variety of Christmas and Hungarian food and drinks at the fair, you can get mulled wine and all kinds of pálinka at the pavilions to drink. And the food? You won’t be able to choose from the baked gees liver (delicious Hungarian specialty), kenyérlángos (oven baked flat bread with sour cream, red onion and bacon cubes) and other yummy staff.

From this year you can also find staffed cabbages, Fisherman’s soup, catfish stew and baked carp at the food stands. If you get appetite for something sweet, do not miss the dried fruits, the honey cookies and the kürtőskalács (roasted sweet pastry). Hungry already?

Cultural events at the Market

Gerbeaud Cafe, Gerbeau House, Budapest

Take a cup of mulled wine in one hand, a slice of kenyérlángos in the other and go to the Gerbeaud Café – one of the city’s oldest cafés – where there are different cultural performances all day. Folk dance groups, Christmas choirs, string orchestras and other performers brighten the holiday atmosphere.

The market is open from November 18 to December 30, every day from 10AM to 8PM, however, on December 24 it closes at 2PM and will remain closed on December 25 and 26. On any other day, you are welcome for some shopping, mulled wine drinking or just walking around and enjoying the Christmas market atmosphere.

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