Cheap flights to Budapest

Where to discover cheap flights to Budapest

To discover cheap flights to Budapest, for a start it is basic to search multiple travel websites to take a look at all the rates and get the most budget-priced deal. Don’t solely seek airfares to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International, it might be better to travel to a close by town/city and maybe drive to travel to the city. Also note that it can be less pricey to fly between Monday and Friday especially when you also stay for Saturday and Sunday, as a consequence you will economize and have time to explore the sights of the area.

The right time to travel to Budapest

High season in Budapest is in June to September, that’s a fact that means livelier environment, probably nicer weather conditions as well as a lot more events and festivals but also much more people, queues and larger expenses. As opposed to this, off travel season is in November to April, meaning lower rates, smaller crowds, but simultaneously unfavorable circumstances, such as much less things to do or lower/higher temperatures. Based on this we believe that altogether the nicest period of time to visit to Budapest is somewhere between the two extremes, which would be October and May.

Interesting facts about Budapest and the flights going there

  • Budapest is connected to a lot of airports from all over, 74 more precisely.
  • Presently approximately 1.696 million people inhabit Budapest, Hungary.
  • Hainan Airlines operates the longest airfare going to the city; the flight is taking off in Beijing.
  • The shortest flight arriving to the city is operated by Budapest Ferenc Liszt International – it starts from Vienna Schwechat, Vienna.
  • The city is right in the GMT+1 time zone, as a result, considering your departure location, you could suffer from jet-lag.

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