Having fun in Esztergom

The bridge of Esztergom

The bridge of Esztergom ©olgaberrios/Flick

If there is a city in Hungary, that is a little more Hungarian than any other, it is surely the city of Esztergom. In the Árpád-era it was the capital of Hungary; Vajk or King Saint Stephen was also born in Esztergom and later he was baptized here as well. This is the city where the song “You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful Hungary” is recalling from the castle every day at half past four in the afternoon in the memory of the unfavorable decision of the Treaty of Trianon.

There are several ideas regarding the origin of the city name. According to some people the name comes from Isztergam (Iszter meaning Danube, and Gam meaning Garam).

Others believe that the name can be traced to the Slavic sztregomj word, which means “the one being taken care of”. Esztergom is also rightly called as the city of Saint Stephen, the Hungarian Zion, or the Hungarian Rome.

The Hungarian King Saint Stephen

The Hungarian King Saint Stephen ©iskakovaphoto/Flick

The festivals of Esztergom

If you want to see the really bustling, lively face of the city of Esztergom, take part of a local event! You have a wide range of festivals, you can choose from: the Esztergom International Guitar Festival, the Ship lantern parade and the Water carnival, the Bridge Festival, the Bridge run, the Esztergom festive games, the Fesztergom – music festival, the Jazztergom or the Saint Stephen’s Days.  You will surely have fun in the city of Esztergom!

The bridge of Esztergom

The bridge of Esztergom ©olgaberrios/Flick

Wine and coffee in Esztergom

If this is not enough to make Esztergom attractive to us, we have to mention the great tasty wines of this land. In the city lying on the area of the Ászár-Neszmélyi wine region you can taste the delicious local Muller Thurgau, the Italian Rieslin or the Tramini.

After you have seen the tourist attractions of the city, you have taken part to a festival and tried the famous wines of the city; the perfect ending of your visit would be to drink a coffee in the Central Coffee House in downtown Esztergom which was founded in the 19th century by  Lindtner Henrich. As entering the cafe you can still feel the atmosphere of the last century: the walls are decorated with the stained glass pictures that remained from the original equipment and on the tables are still used the white lace tablecloths.

Although the small, charming Esztergom can be visited in a day, getting to know each and every detail of it is certainly not possible in that time. The city is hiding such national relics and values, hidden attractions, which are not known not only by the Hungarians, but unfortunately, the people of Esztergom.

In the city of Esztergom

In the city of Esztergom ©allesok/Flick

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