Having fun in Gyor

Middle ages market in Gyor

Middle ages market in Gyor ©anee.baba/Flick

The climate of the country allows you to come anytime because summers are not very hot and winters are not too cold. The only thing to consider is the favorite season of yours. If you arrive in Gyor in summer, it would be wise to have in your suitcase and an umbrella, because the rainfall is high in these months.

Whether you arrive in Gyor, in summer or winter, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most important cities of Hungary. It would be better to take a guide with you to be sure that you go to all the places that worth visiting.


Shops and markets

This town is full of shops, so you can have fun in Gyor if you like shopping. For example, there is a flower market open every morning near the Carmelite Church and another in the Becsikapu market, where you can go on Wednesday or on Saturday. During the holidays, you can find various outdoor shops and markets in Gyor on the Gabor Baross or the Arany Janos street.

Middle ages market in Gyor

Middle ages market in Gyor ©anee.baba/Flick

Eating places

If you get hungry in the meantime, then you can eat at one of the many fast food places like Arkad or the McDonald’s on the Gabor Baross street. If you want something more sophisticated, you have restaurants or cafes in the city center where traditional dishes are served. For example, there is the John Bull Pub Gyor.

Eating in Gyor

Eating in Gyor ©天曉得。/Flick

Events and festivals in Gyor

You will have the opportunity to have great fun in Gyor if you arrive for example in March, because then it is held the International Percussion Festival. The event lasts two days and is very important for percussionists in the country and not only them, because it offers a show of music, along with numerous trainings on this topic. The festival targets people of all ages and is designed to provide local artists the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of an audience. Jazz, being it classical or contemporary percussion, all can be found in the two-day festival. The exhibition of musical instruments is another part of this event, offering producers the chance to present their products and the musicians to try them.

Szent Laszlo Days in Gyor

Szent Laszlo Days in Gyor ©anee.baba/Flick

During summer in Gyor are held a series of events for a month gathered under the name of Summer International Cultural Festival, which include the Ballet Festival, the Folk Music and Dance Festival, The Handmade Art Exhibition and the Theather Doll Festival.

These events take place successfully for more than three decades, charming the audience with art. In this period, the city comes alive in markets, light, color and music shows presenting the city of Gyor from an other perspective.


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