How to find cheap flights to Hungary

Budapest view

Budapest view ©Marco Martins-Costa/Flickr

Due to the economical crisis and other factors, travel is getting more expensive. All of us are looking for ways to make it as cheap as possible, so I’ve decided to share with you what I know about cheap travel to Hungary. Hope you will find the tips I am sharing below useful.

If you want to know how to find cheap flights to Hungary, read and use the ideas in the article, they might save you some good money you can later spend on dining or shopping in Budapest. There is also a comparison search box in the article, so you can try to search using the things you read about finding low prices airfares.




Airports in Hungary

Hungary is has got three main international airports, the largest one is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (IATA code: BUD) serving the capital, Budapest.

Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Budapest Airport ©apl1986/Flickr

The second largest is Debrecen International Airport (IATA code: DEB), serving Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary, close to the Eastern border. Next on the list is Sarmellek International Airport – or Heviz Balaton Airport – (IATA code: SOB) on the western side of Lake Balaton. You will most probably fly to Budapest, but if you fly from Europe, you may also land in Debrecen or Sarmellek.

Where to search

Budapest view

Budapest view ©Marco Martins-Costa/Flickr

Many frequent flyers have favorite websites and airlines they like to use for searching and booking a flight. However, it is essential to look on multiple websites, not only the well known ones, like Expedia or Orbitz, but also on smaller ones that might often have cheaper rates than large companies, such as Travelgrove or Metafares (first one is a meta search the second a classic search engine).

If you are looking for cheap flights to Budapest (that is where you will arrive if you fly from the US), you can also check the websites of airlines that fly to Hungary. Of the major US based airlines Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines have flights to Budapest, but British Airways, Finn Air, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Note that all transatlantic flights to Hungary have one or two stops.

When to fly

Folk dancers in Budapest

Folk dancers in ©Budapest espinr/Flickr

It is also important how you choose the date and even day of your flight. Weekday travel (from Monday to Thursday) is less expensive and generally the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday – both for departure and return. In any case, avoid traveling from Friday to Sunday! Also, it is cheaper if you stay over for a weekend and old tricks, like early booking (21 days or earlier) are also still working.

Also avoid holidays, travel before and during holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter etc.) tends to get more expensive. Note that the national holiday of Hungary is on the 20th of August.

Fly from Europe

WizzAir plane, Airbus

WizzAir plane ©


If you want to visit Hungary from Europe, fly with one of the low cost airlines operating in Europe. Ryanair and EasyJet both fly to Budapest from multiple European cities and so does WizzAir, but it even flies to Debrecen, if you want to see more than just the capital. Al three are cheap and provide fairly good services – my best experiences are with WizzAir.

There are a multitude of other airlines having flights to Budapest, like Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air France and many more, but maybe you have the best chances with the 3 low costs above.


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