Hungaricums – Famous Hungarian food and drinks

Hungarikum - special Hungarian products

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Every country have some distinctive products that are specific to that country, Hungary is not an exception, there are quite many special products Hungarians are proud to claim for themselves. From art through health to food and drinks there is a wide range of items that belong to the group of hungaricums, all of the highest quality that must be experienced when you visit the country.

So here we come with some of the most famous Hungarian foods and drinks, but not all, by any means and there will probably be some that you have already heard of, such as the Bull’s Blood of Eger or the Paprika (red pepper).

Special Hungarian food products

Paprika or Hungarian dried red pepper

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Check out some of the authentic and most well known Hungarian food and drink items that on one hand you have to taste if you are here, on the other hand make perfect souvenirs.

Paprika – One of the most well known Hungaricums, the dried red pepper, is a spice, a most important ingredient of Hungarian cuisine. It is originally home made, they string the paprika on long thick thread and make a large necklace kind of thing, hang it somewhere airy and let it dry, then grind it.

Pick Salami – The first product to be officially trademarked by Hungary in the European Union, this tasty dry winter salami is made based on hundred year old recipe and the best quality pork meat and bacon.

Dots (Túró Rudi) – My favorite home-grown sweets, this is basically sweet curd cheese coated in chocolate and can be found in every single store, you will know it by its white-based red polka-dotted packaging.

Goose liver or foie gras (Libamáj) – It is part of the traditional Hungarian cuisine and believe me, we can make amazing things out of it. You can often find roast goose liver at fairs, it is a popular market food too and really delicious.

What to drink in Hungary?

Hungarian Palinka types

Palinka ©

Palinka (Pálinka) – With its 40% this brandy is only recommended for the tough adventurers, it has an old culture, the home made one is usually produced of plum, peach or pear, but there are all kinds of palinkas made of everything from elder-flower to blackberry. Palinka is especially tasty when sweetened with honey.

Tokaji Wines (Tokaji borok) – Hungary has got 22 wine regions, one of them, the Tokaj Hegyalja wine region produces Hungary’s famous Tokaji Aszú, the most famous wine in the country – as well as other great wines like the Tokaji Esszencia, Furmint and Szamorodni. The Aszú is a sweet white wine that was called by Louis XIV. ‘king of wines, wine of kings’ – or the other way round…

Bull’s blood of Eger (Egri Bikavér) – Hungary’s most famous red wine produced in the Eger wine region, in the northern part of the country, is a blend of four kinds of grapes, the base being the ancient Kadarka or the more famous Blaufrankisch.

Zwack Unicum - strong Hungarian herb liqueur

Unicum ©

Unicum – This drink was first created of a combination of herbs by a Dr. Zwack for Joseph II Holy Roman Emperor as  a digestive. When the Emperor tasted it, he exclaimed: ‘Das ist ein Unicum’, meaning ‘This is unique’, so that’s where the name comes from. It is quite bitter at taste and strong, so not everyone will like it, I however love Unicum.

You can find most of these Hungarian products almost anywhere in the country, stores, gift shops, pharmacies, supermarkets or restaurants – depending on what type of product – so they are really not hard to find. Some of the above are not yet officially trademarked as Hungarikums, but they are on their way to get this recognition.

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