Lillafüred – one of the most romantic destinations in Hungary

Lillafured Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel ©

Budapest or the larger cities in the country are beautiful, however, if you want some romance with your significant other, you should be seeking out some more intimate and less crowded place, such as Lillafüred, one of the most romantic destinations in Hungary IMO.

Right next to the city of Miskolc, at the meeting of the Szinva and Garadna creeks, under the peaceful embrace of three mountains can you find Lillafured, a most secluded and romantic destination in the busy world that is also said to have strong spiritual and healing powers – besides the power of the scenic surroundings.

Scenic landscape of Lillafured

The view around here is amazing in every season, every single day – I think even when it’s raining, but probably spring is the most beautiful of all when everything is waking up and starting to get green and blooming. You can always smell the intoxicating mixture of the forests, the lake, the mountains and everything in the clear air.

Hamori lake at Lillafured - fall landscape

Hamori Lake, fall view ©

There are lots of things you can do in Lillafured, romantic or less. You can take walks on wildish footpaths  in the forests, you can hike on the hillsides and mountains, discover the nearby caves or have a picknick on the shore of Hamori Lake, you will ove it so much, you might even end up spending a little more time in Lillafured.

Just a tip, one of my favorite activities is to ride with the Lillafured forest railway, it is really nice, romantic and cheap. Believe me, it is very pleasantly different from transportation in Budapest. 😉

Lillafured forest railway

Lillafured forest railway ©

Lillafured – a little history

According to the legend, Earl Andras Bathori was hunting with a party when he discovered the breathtaking beauty of the area. They say he also named the place after his favorite niece, Lilla. A successor of his built the still working Palace Hotel in 1920 on the side of the lake – it’s wonderful.

Lillafured Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel ©

Today in the terrace garden of the impressive palace you can see the sculpture of the great Hungarian poet, Attila Jozsef who wrote one of his most famous poems under the trees of the garden. There is also a memorial column from the visit of archduke Steven, as a sign of how much he was impressed with the beauty of the area.

Jozsef Attila statue in Lillafured

Statue of Attila Jozsef ©

I cannot imagine a more romantic destination, but even if you are not with your significant other, the beauty of Lillafured will enchant you. Stay a few nights in the palace Hotel, discover the area, visit every spot, do everything you can and then let me know if you liked it – though, I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed.

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