Luckiest places to visit in Hungary

A fertalyos asszony, statue in Gyor

Fertalyos asszony ©

Many people have already heard of the luck-bringing abilities of the Blarney Stone in Ireland, Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, the Laughing Buddha in Hangzhou and other places. Hungarians also have numerous superstitions about things that would bring luck, like the lucky pig or the lens soup in the new year.

But there are also some places in Hungary that bring luck to the visitor. Let’s see the ones that, if you touch them, may bring you love, money or even a baby… Do you believe in such superstitions or you would never throw a coin in a fountain to find the one? Share your ideas in the comment section!

Statue of Hadik Andras, Budapest

Statue of Hadik Andras, Budapest

Statue of Hadik Andras ©

In the I. district of the Hungarian capital, in the Buda castle stands the statue of Hadik Andras. It is not among the most popular sights in Budapest, but the students of the University of Technology and Economics strongly believed it brings luck and it is still said that its a good thing to touch it if you visit.

Fun fact that the students of the above mentioned institute also have a tradition of polishing the testicles of the horse before their final exam in their last year…

Statue of Sailor, Gyor

Raised in the memory of the Great Flood ruining the city in 1954, the Statue of Sailor (officially Nostalgy after bygone times) is said to bring your private life related wishes come true, let it be finding love or having a baby…

The Fertályos asszony, Szekesfehérvár

A fertalyos asszony, statue in Gyor

Fertalyos asszony ©

Also called Kati neni (Aunt Cathy) by the locals, the Fertalyos asszony represents a real woman who lived in the city and sold her own home made roasted duck and goose at the market. According to the tradition, rubbing the nose of the statue brings great luck to anyone.

Lovers’ Bridge, Balatonvilágos

On the shores of Lake Balaton, in the small town of Balatonvilagos there is a bridge that brings eternal love. Visit the Lover’s bridge with your significant other, because any promises and vows of forever loving each other will be assured by the magical powers of the place.

Kripta villa, Fonyód

Marble bed at Kripta villa

Marble bed at Kripta villa ©

According to the old tale, if you take your dear one to visit the Kripta villa in Fonyod, and you hold hands above the famous marble bed, your love will surely be eternal.

If you have been to one of the above places and it did bring you luck, please let us know, so fellow travelers can also visit Hungary in the hope of some good fortune.

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