Most Beautiful Castles in Hungary

Eszterhazy Castle in Fertod


Hungary is home to very many castles that belonged to the high nobility and the wealthiest families of the country for centuries. Unfortunately many of these amazing structures are demolished or abandoned now with little chance to restoration, left for the mercy of time and the elements. However, there is a number of castles that have been taken good care of, they are perfectly restored, furnished and operate as museums now – they are the pride of the nation and reminders of the glorious past of the old Hungarian Kingdom. Some of the most beautiful castles in Hungary are the ones below, but there are many other worth a visit for any lover of art and culture.

Esterházy Castle, Fertőd

Inside part of the Esterhazy Castle


The Esterhazy family was one of the most influential and wealthy noble families of the country. The castle – built between 1720 and 1766 – was the residence of the family for centuries. Interesting fact that the great Austrian composer, Joseph Haydn lived and worked here for more than 20 years. The now museum has got most of its exhibited articles from the second half of the 18th century. Visitors can admire rooms covered in gold, murals painted by the most famous masters of the age and porcelains show the richness of the baroque period the castle was built in. It is breathtaking even to imagine that some people actually lived here once in such wealth. Really worth a visit.


Festetics Castle, Keszthely

Festetics Castle and Museum in Keszthely, Hungary


The monument with its 101 rooms is the fourth largest castle in the country, but it is the most well preserved by all means. Once the home of another immensely rich noble family, the Festetics Castle is now entirely a museum. Its park is amazing and is protected and really beautiful with a large baroque fountain in the center, in front of the castle’s main gate. My favorite section of the building is the library built in the second half of the 18th century with amazing wood-work on the furniture and a collection of thousands of hundred year-old books in German, French, Latin, Hungarian and other European languages.


Grassalkovich Castle, Gödöllő

Grassalkovich castle in Godollo, outside view


One of the largest baroque castles in Hungary was built at the beginning of the 1700s as the main residence of the Grassalkovich family. Built in a double-U shape, its construction was periodical. The ball room – in the center of the front part of the building – is 170 square meter large. In 1785 they built a theater into the castle with an exquisite double box-row. Now it is the only restored baroque theater in the whole country. The park is also very well maintained and perfect for afternoon walks.


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