Most Beautiful Lakes in Hungary

Boats on Lake Balaton in the summer

©glen edelson/flickr

Though a a large plain with only a few and not too high mountains, Hungary has got it’s share of natural wonders – however, as a Hungarian, I might not be completely unbiased so you better check it out for yourself. As a beginning, here are some really beautiful lakes in Hungary, take a look at them and let me know in the comment section which one would you like to visit the most.

There are quite a lot of lakes in the country that are perfect for fishing, swimming and even for water sports, but some of them are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and historical heritage sites that makes the whole picture much more complex and appealing. 

Lake Balaton – the ‘Hungarian Sea’

Sunset at Lake Balaton

©Davide Bia/flickr

As the largest lake in Central Europe, Balaton is nicknamed the ‘Hungarian Sea’. It is a very popular destination from mid-Spring to early-Fall and loaded with tourists from all over Europe and not only. As the water is quite shallow, the lake gets warm very quickly in late Spring, but besides swimming there are lots of other things to do in and around Balaton.

There are some nice historical towns in the area, like Keszthely with the amazing baroque style Festetics Palace, Balatonfüred, Tapolca and other scenic towns. The area of Balaton is also famous wine region with rustic cellars and small bars where you can take a wine tasting tour. 

Lake Ferto – with salty water

Marshlands with water birds at lake Ferto


One of the largest steppe lakes in Europe, Ferto Lake is located on the North-Western part of Hungary. It is more than 20 000 years old, shallow (50-60 cm average depth) and has got a high concentration of salt. Being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the area of the lake – including the  offers a breathtaking, scenic landscape having the small, salty side ponds with sandy beaches, where the large cane forests give home to dozens of bird species: goshawk, golden eagle, grey heron, white heron, wagtail and many others.

All the land area is part of Ferto-Hansag National Park and covers an amazing variety of landscapes, marshes, sandy beaches, steppe-aspect plains so the combination of the flora, fauna and the landscape make Ferto lake one of my favorite places in the whole country.

Velencei Lake – the ‘Sunshine Lake’

Sunset on Velencei Lake


Velencei Lake lies only about 30 miles (50 km) from Budapest, so it is quite easy to get there from the capital even just for a weekend getaway. The water warms up to 82 Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius), that’s where it get the nickname ‘Sunshine Lake’.

The water is especially rich in minerals which makes swimming in it very calming and nice and is also very healthy for a lot of rheumatic and other illnesses. The area is beautiful and I can only recommend it. Remember, it is very close to Budapest!

Every summer there are festivals, crafts fairs, wine tastings and other events around these lakes that will keep you busy for your state, so afraid of boredom should not hold you back even if you are not a very big nature person. Hungary is beautiful!

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