Most beautiful village museums – Hungary

Village Museum in Szentendre

Village Museum ©

Although there are many old villages in the country that has preserved the architecture as well as the atmosphere of the 18th, 19th century and even older times, in the eyes of a city person or someone from a far away country, a village mueum means a whole different world with its calmness, serenity, close-to-nature lifestyle and time-worn stories.

Discovering the following three – in my opinion – most beautiful village museums of Hungary, might prove to be the experience of a lifetime. They are old, beautiful and magical – village and open air ethnographic museums have always been very dear to me anyway… 

The Outdoor Collection in Szenna

Outdoor Collection in Szenna, Village Museum

Szenna ©

Szenna is a small village 3 miles away from Kaposvar, built partially on a hillside. In the center of the village you can find the completely unique reformed church built in 1758 in ethnic-baroque style.  They have removed most of the original homes from the village and instead they brought old houses from the area built between the 1750s and the Second World War.

Ethnographers designed the village to show homes and home equipment from all social strata of a mainly protestant village from the period you can see the home of a wealthy peasant, ‘middle-class’ and poor peasant. The village museum has won the prestigious Europa Nostra award in 1987.

Göcseji Village Museum

Gocseji Village Museum

Gocsej ©

The first outdoor museum in Hungary was established in 1968, near the city of Zalaegerszeg. They have brought here 40 buildings from 22 settlements in the area and created the extraordinary reconstruction of  19th century village specific to the area. The village also has an amazing classicist water mill built in 1820 and transported here piece by piece.

You can also visit – on the territory of the museum – the Finno-Ugric Ethnographic Park created to display the culture and traditions of people related to the Hungarians, Finnish, Estonian, Mansi, Khanti and so on. Such a display is entirely unique and constantly growing.

Outdoor Etnographic Museum in Szentendre

Szentendre Ethnographic Museum

Szentendre ©

The most popular museum in the country lies on more than 60 hectares near Szentendre city, at the bottom of the mountains. It shows the ethnic architecture of all representative Hungarian regions from the 18th – 20th century with original items. There are 192 buildings so far, grouped according to regions and there are 200 more awaiting line-up.

The museum also has a rich archive with more than 120 000 photographs, 10 000 historical and 60 000 ethnographic documents. The museum has an operating grocery store, rustic playground for kids as well as a restaurant and a bakery. Inside the homes you can get to know the original items of a household from the region and period as well as the old professions practiced in the era.

I can recommend you with a warm heart to visit any of these places, they can help a lot in understanding Hungarian people and their cultures. If there is any other beautiful village museum you like, please let me know, I really love them all. 🙂

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