Most scenic mountain villages in Hungary

Matraszentimre village in Hungary

Matraszentimre ©

Although Hungary is a tiny little country, it does have some beautiful secret gems that are worthy to be discovered and envied by any larger country. These scenic mountain villages with their amazing landscapes and fresh air are perfect spots for a day trip, for biking, walking or a nice picnic.

Here is my top 3 list, but if you disagree, just let me know, but before that, check out the list and if you feel like visiting any of these gems during your trip in Hungary, just spot them out on the map, pack into your backpack and off you go!


Church of Three Villages in Matraszentimre, Hungary

Church of Three Villages ©

This village of Heves county is the highest lying settlement in Hungary where, until the 1970s people lived of stock-raising, thanks to that Matraszentimre now has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country with perfect green-grassed hills and flowery meadows.

Apart from the scenery, the village does not lack attractions either, the Church of Three Villages is a beautiful old stone building  raising mysteriously over the village. Through the street right next to the church you can get to the Cserko-mine service area where lovers of excursions can rest pleasantly at a beautiful spot. The old glass melting furnace, a memory of the beginning of glass making in the area is also an interesting sight in Matraszentimre.


Szentkut Chapel in Bakonybel, Hungary

Szentkut chapel ©

The Veszprem county village has got a very long history, it is first mentioned in a 1083 AD document. Due to the large number of milestone caves in the area, it was a favored hiding place to the betyárs (Hungarian highwaymen). The area has an endless number of streams, caves, small lakes, dingles and scenic forest paths.

But there are enough things to see for those in search of historical sights as well, the 18th century Benedictine monastery – now serving as a poorhouse, the Szentkut-chapel, the Outdoor Etnographic Museum or the recently created memorials are also worth your time.


Zebegeny - view over the village


In the heart of the Danube-bend you can find a scenic little village first mentioned in the 13th century. Today the village can pride itself on plenty of sights, like the sailing history collection guarding the memory of captain Farkas Vince.

The Szőnyi István Memorial Museum is located in the house and gallery of the famous Hungarian painter where you can find many of the master’s works on display. Another popular spot in Zebegeny is the Trianon Memorial built as a memento to the mournful Trianon Treaty.

All three villages are beautiful and make a great day trip destination, but there are inns and hotels in all of them if you get caught by the charms of these historical towns.

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