Must see monuments and museums in Szeged

The paprika Museum in Szeged

The paprika Museum in Szeged ©kvitlauk/Flick

The National Pantheon gathers 80 statues representing important figures of Hungarian culture and science. One of the major tourist attractions of Szeged is the Heroes Gate, an impressive monument inaugurated in 1937 in honor of the White Guards, led by Admiral Miklos Horthy.

The Mora Ferenc Museum in Szeged was built in the classical style, with an  old triangular pediment on the main facade. Also known as the cultural palace, the museum was named after the writer Ferenc Mora, researcher of ancient history, that founded this place. Certainly, one of the most visited museums in Szeged is the Paprika Museum.

The National Pantheon

Located in the Cathedral Square, the National Pantheon is one of the landmarks of the city of Szeged. The statues of this monument in Szeged are lines on about 300 meters, surrounded with elegant arches. Most of the statues are works of the great Hungarian sculptor Alajos Stróbl, one of the outstanding personalities of the art world in the twentieth century.

The Pantheon of Szeged

The Pantheon of Szeged ©kissro/Flick

The Gate of Heroes

The impressive fresco that decorated the the Gate of Heroes monument in Szeged deserves all the attention of visitors. The artwok of Vilmos Aba-Novák is among the most important paintings for the victims of the First World War. The fresco was covered with plaster almost half a century, but today visitors can admire in all its splendor. Novak reflected the war using the characters from the Christian world. In the central arch of the ceiling you can see the figure of Christ on the Day of Judgment, surrounded by angels. Near the scene, there is a group of priests who consoled widows and orphans that are the victims of war. On the adjoining wall is a group of soldiers led by Horthy in equestrian representation. The fresca was presented to the public since 2000.

The Gate of Heroes in Szeged

The Gate of Heroes in Szeged ©Niriel/Flick

The Mora Ferenc Museum

In front of the Mora Ferenc Museum in Szeged are the statues of the first directors: Mora Ferenc and Istvan Tomorkeny. Here tourists can find more information about both Hungary and Szeged, but the religious works of art are not missing as well. A folk art collection is on display, with objects gathered from all over the region of Csongrad.

The Mora Ferenc Museum in Szeged

The Mora Ferenc Museum in Szeged ©otzberg/Flick

The Paprika Museum

On the ground floor of the Paprika Museum visitors can learn the history of the Pick salami production process, from 1869 until today, and details of the manufacturing process of an irreplaceable ingredient in Hungarian cuisine – paprika. Beyond this, the museum has a rich exhibition of old photographs and documents, and to make them more interesting, are accompanied by wooden dolls dressed in authentic costumes. Currently, the guests of the museum can taste the salami exhibited here and receive gift samples of paprika. Of course you can also buy other items that remind you of the visit to this museum, the souvenir shop is located at the entrance.

The paprika Museum in Szeged

The paprika Museum in Szeged ©kvitlauk/Flick

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