Must see tourist attractions in Miskolc

TV tower on the Avas Hill of Miskolc

TV tower on the Avas Hill of Miskolc © Levente Bagi/Flick

Miskolc is a colorful city that offers many sites to its visitors. Today we present you some must see attractions in Miskolc including the Avas hill with the wine cellars and the observation tower, the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Museum.

The Avas is a hill of volcanic origin located in Miskolc, being the highest spot of the city, at an altitude of 234 m above sea level and at 104 m above the city. The Orthodox church and the museum are between the most impressive attractions of Miskolc. The museum offers its visitors the chance to know the cultural heritage of the Orthodox Church.


The Avas Hill

During some archaeological digging in the early twentieth century, were discovered a number of artifacts in the Avas Hill and experts have concluded that the area has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The Avas caves are inhabited by prehistoric men, now are used as wine cellars.

At the top of the Avas Hill in Miskolc you will find a 72 m high observation tower equipped with a TV antenna, which became the symbol of the city. Once you are here, you will have a splendid view of the surroundings. In the north of the Avas Hill is a Protestant Church, the oldest building in Miskolc, dating from the sixteenth century.

TV tower on the Avas Hill of Miskolc

TV tower on the Avas Hill of Miskolc © Levente Bagi/Flick

The Orthodox Church

If you decided to spend your vacation in Miskolc, visit the Hungarian Orthodox Church built in late baroque style. It is a really unique tourist attraction of Miskolc. The Orthodox Church in Miskolc is decorated with a beautiful iconostasis dating from 1793 and measures 16 m in height. The church contains not less than 88 icons, works of Miklos Jankovich. The iconostasis shows biblical scenes and images that fascinate any viewer.

In the past, the church was the place of worship for the Greek and Jewish communities in Miskolc. The church has an inestimable value, it was built by Greeks who fled here because of the Ottoman attacks in the XVII-XVIII centuries. It took two decades to complete the construction.

In the city of Miskolc

In the city of Miskolc © korom/Flick

The Orthodox Museum

The Orthodox Museum is a must see attraction in Miskolc and was opened to the public in 1988 and works in a former school building dating from the early nineteenth century.

In the first room of the museum was designed a chapel reflecting the atmosphere of the Orthodox churches. In this museum are preserved small brass icons of the holy Hungarian Orthodox Church. In the second room are exposed liturgical fabrics and embroidery as well as gold crafted objects. Special attention deserves the bed set crafted with gold wire by the Zuzana Girl School in Constantinople. The gold items are handmade by artisans from several countries. The third room of the museum exhibits a number of gold objects as well, but also entire walls decorated with icons. Among the statues exhibited here, you can admire the Black Madonna of Kazan, and a set of  inlaid jewelry from Mount Athos.

The beautiful city of Miskolc

The beautiful city of Miskolc © Hungarian Snow/Flick


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