Natural attractions around the city of Tihany

The Inner Lake at Tihany

The Inner Lake at Tihany ©Peter Krasznai/Flick

The Tihany Peninsula is the pearl of the National Park of the Lake Balaton Uplands and it has an only village called Tihany. Tihanyi has a lot of tourist attractions starting with the abbey, the village museum, the well, the doll museum. It is also worth visited because of its wine and excellent Hungarian food. But Tihany is much more than that.

There are many beautiful natural attractions around the city of Tihany. Today we want to present a few of them, which involve 2 unique lakes and their environment, the lavender land and we are going to tell the story of the famous Tihany echo.


The Tihany echo

One of the most well-known phenomenon of Tihany was the echo. It existed since the middle of the 18th century. But how exactly works? The words shouted from the echo stone of the Echo Hill are reflected from the north side of the Abbey at more than 300 meters, returning in two seconds. The people have noticed at the beginning the century that the echo power is decreasing. They blamed the newly built villas and especially the Hevesi holiday home called “echo deteriorating” and today working as a kindergarten. Since then it has been proved that the echo was decreased more because of the trees planted between the hill and the church and the increasing tourism associated with noise.

The Echo Stone in Tihany

The Echo Stone in Tihany ©korom/Flick

The volcanic lakes

The region of Tihany has two lakes of volcanic origin, the Outer and Inner lake. They are two unique natural attractions around Tihany. Due to the unique climate many rare plants and animals are found around the two lakes. The Inner Lake is called “Little Balaton” and is located about 25 meters higher than the Lake of Balaton. Because of the high salinity the water is not drinkable. Those who love fishing are in the right place: the Inner lake is popular for day and night fishing. At the shores of the Inner Lake is a leisure park with gray cattle, playground, bowling alley and a cozy cellar. The nearby barn and sheep house can be viewed as well, the students of College of Fine Arts work here in the summer.

The Inner Lake at Tihany

The Inner Lake at Tihany ©Peter Krasznai/Flick

Almond trees and lavender fields

To the south, on the Csúcs-hegy (Peak mountain) you find the almond trees and lavender fields. Gyula Bittera created there a plantation similar to the French lavender colonies in the 1920s. The essential oil of the medicinal lavender grown here can be purchased in the village of Tihany.

Lavender field at Tihany

Lavender field at Tihany ©padshewscky/Flick

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