Refresh yourself in the best lakes near Budapest

Omszki Lake Lake ©

Yes, we know, Balaton is the most popular lake in Hungary and everyone is recommending it – including me. but what if you do not have the time to go down to the Hungarian Sea during your visit? Here are a few smaller, but nice alternatives to lake Balaton.

If you desire a little sunshine and fresh lake shore smells, you will not have to wait until you have time to go down to one of the famous places, you can refresh yourself in some nice lakes near Budapest. The following are some of the favorite places of those living in the Hungarian capital. Have you ever been to any of the lakes? Would you like to go or would you rather wait until you can go see Balaton?

Rukkel Lake

Rukkel Lake in Hungary

Rukkel Lake ©

If you want a nicely designed, state-of-art lakeside place with nice swimming, Rukkel Lake is for you. Once a mining lake, the place is owned and improved by the Rukkel family for 20 years and it is only about 30 minutes away from the capital, easy to reach with car as well as railways, but even with bicycle, if you are the adventurer kind.

The 20 hectares area is basically a water park now. 13 slides, jump-tower, boats, buffets, paddle boats and many other features await the visitors all summer long. It is perfect for families and one of my favorite things about it is that it is open until late in the evenings, unlike many other beaches and pools that close at 7PM.

Delegyhazi Lakes

Delegyhazi Lakes

Delegyhazi Lakes ©

The complex is made up of 8 different lakes that offer opportunities for fishing, swimming, water sports as well as relaxation in the wilder park areas so everyone can find here the distraction for their taste. If you would like to bath in fresh water among small islands in a green park, the wildish  beach of lake nr. 4 is the perfect spot.

You can rent paddle boats or boats and get to the small islands on the lake for some undisturbed sun bathing. The Delegyhazi lake system also awaits the fans of Naturism, nice beaches and sports possibilities are at the disposal of the devotees of near-natural lifestyle in the Naturist Oasis Camping.

Omszki Lake

Omszki Lake near Budapest

Omszki Lake ©lamerle/

The most well known mining lake in the area of Budapest is located north of the city, nearby Budakalasz. Because it is so easy to get here – by train or by car, Omszki Lake is very popular among those who want to escape the Capital on the hot summer days.

All you need is a swimsuit and a towel you can lie down in the grass of the lakeshore and you can just relax. There are more buffets near the lake and if you want more than just swimming, you can use the water-ski line developed on the lake. Huge plus for Omszki Lakeis that it’s never too crowded, there are just enough people to provide a nice summer atmosphere.

Which one of the lakes would you like to visit the most? Let us know in the comment section as well as any question you have regarding these lakes, Balaton or anything else Hungarian.

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