Szeged – the city of hot paprika and Pick salami

Market in Szeged

Market in Szeged ©PAVDW/Flick

Szeged is the homeland of the hot paprika and the Pick salami. Many people know the 20-25 mm long and 3-4 mm wide yellow or really hot red pepper of Szeged that burns your mouth for hours even if you eat only a slice from it?

The local Pepper will always be a curiosity, since the more than 2000 hours of sunshine per year could not be guaranteed elsewhere. If you want to know more about this subject, the Paprika Museum is waiting for you! If we speak of Szeged we also have to mention the Tisza River.


The famous Pick salami

If we speak of the city of Szeged we must mention the Pick salami. It is the homeland of this delicious Hungarian sausage and the city also has a salami museum. It is called “winter salami”, because the final phase of the preparation, the drying, can be done only in cool halls with the help of the wind coming from the Tisza.

Pick salami

Pick salami ©pfatter/Flick

The beautiful city of Szeged

Szeged is the largest town of south-eastern Hungary in Csongrád county, the center of the the Southern Plain Region, located at the confluence of the Tisza and Maros rivers. According to a list of a Hungarian newspaper that was made by the readers, the Fogadalmi (Votive) Church and the Dóm (Dome) Square are the second miracle of Hungary.

The Tisza River

The city of Szeged and the Tisza river are completely bounded. One can not exist without the other, the existence of the city is determined by the river, which is quite whimsical, at times serves the city, and sometimes attacks iy. In the 12th of Marc in 1879 the water of the Tisza River rose at a very high level, the dam system could not stand the increased pressure, it broke and destroyed almost the entire city.

The Tisza River

The Tisza River ©Photodiary of an Endless Summer/Flick

Szeged experienced a unique cooperation in history and with the help of the Hungarians and many other countries the city  was entirely rebuilt from the donations. As a result of the planned construction is a network of boulevards, avenues made with geometric precision. The sections of the Grand Boulevard in gratitude bear the names of the capitals of the helping countries like Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London, Moscow and Vienna. On one colored glass window of the Town Hall can still be seen the quote of Francis Joseph that says: “Szeged will be more beautiful than it was!”. And so it happened.

The town of Szeged has recovered from this breaking and became a real economic, intellectual and scientific center. It is no coincidence that in 2010, together with Pécs became a European Capital of Culture!

Market in Szeged

Market in Szeged ©PAVDW/Flick

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