The beautiful old town of Szentendre near Budapest

The beautiful city of Szentendre

The beautiful city of Szentendre ©hanspoldoja/Flick

Szentendre is situated on the right bank of the Danube between Buda, Visegrád and Esztergom. It is characterized by a beautiful scenery, wealth, good wine and stunning water. Behind the city and on the left of it are many vineyards and beautiful mountains. In this delightful little world you can forget the mad rush of the everyday life, relax and let yourself enchanted.

The beauty of the Mediterranean-style land amazed everyone from the Roman times until today. The beautiful old town of Szentendre is located at the Danube Bend, across the Szentendre Island, at the meeting point of Pilis and the Danube.

The town of Szentendre near the Danube

The town of Szentendre near the Danube ©cordyph/Flick

The Mediterranean style of Szentendre

The distinctively Mediterranean air of Szentendre appeared because of the exciting mix of cultures of the Serbian, Dalmatian, Slovak, German and Greek people that settled here over the centuries. The memories of this period are recalled by the the houses with southern atmosphere and the baroque houses, the churches, the cobbled streets and narrow alleys.

The tourist attractions of Szentendre

Take a walk in the Old Town of the beautiful city of Szentendre. The town square is admired by many people in summer, but locals say that only those few are becoming part of a miraculous experience who see it in a winter evening after a fresh snowfall. In the middle of the main square is the Kalmárkereszt (merchant cross) that commemorates the deceased of the plague in 1763rd the plague commemorating deceased. According to the legend under the column is buried a man who died of the plague with the head down.

The beautiful city of Szentendre

The beautiful city of Szentendre ©hanspoldoja/Flick

The romantic downtown can be discovered by foot or by horse-drawn carriage on the hilly cobblestone streets. While walking on the Danube promenade, you can even decide to try a cruise as well.

You can relax in one of the hundreds of small restaurants, pastry shops, cozy gardens of cafes in the city center of Szentendre. In the cellar of the Wine Museum you can taste Hungarian wine.

Don’t forget to visit the Orthodox cathedral, the Pozsarevacska Church and the Roman Catholic parish church. If you are lucky, you can see the very talented Szentendre Folk Dance group with almost one hundred members on an event.

The ortodox church in Szentendre

The ortodox church in Szentendre ©Ramón Cutanda/Flick

Famous festivals in the city of Szentendre

In Szentendre is always happening something. You can attend traditional festivals, outdoor theater and jazz music performances in summer evenings. There are tree major arts festivals as well, the Spring Days in Szentendre, Szentendre Summer and the Advent in Szentendre. The Hollister days is a truly unique experience as well with the dazzling view of the river boat parade with candles and lampions.

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