The best architectural attractions in Pecs

The Tettye Ruins in Pecs

The Tettye Ruins in Pecs @eszter/Flick

Pecs is a tourist town and also one of the five largest cities in Hungary. Pecs is the seat of Baranya county, in the northwest of the country. In the past it was known as the Kunfkirchen, and in Roman times people called it Sopianae. It is located st 200 kilometers from the capital, Budapest. A few years ago, the city had a coal and a uranium mine, but didn’t surived. The Zsolnay porcelain factory withstood the ravages, now being a symbol of the area.

In 2010, mainly because of the tourist attractions, the city of Pecs was among the three cultural capitals of Europe.


The Szechenyi Square

The Szechenyi Square is the main market of the city of Pecs and there is evidence that dates back to medieval times. The place bears the name of a reformist Hungarian politician called Istvan Szechenyi, who lived between 1791-1860. The place is full of monuments, all placed to the north. The best architectural attractions include the Qasim Pasha Mosque, the City Hall, the statue of the Holy Trinity.

The Szechenyi Square of Pecs

The Szechenyi Square of Pecs @Martijn.Munneke/Flick

The Tomb of Idris Baba

The Tomb of Idris Baba is a beautiful architectural attraction in Pecs and was built in 1500. Nobody knows much about the identity of this person, but it is believed that he had “miraculous powers” of healing different medical conditions. His tomb has an octagonal shape. The tomb was restored twice during the twentieth century, it is an important example of Turkish architecture in Hungary.

The Tettye Ruins in Pecs

Initially, in the sixteenth century, the Bishop of Pecs is asked to be build him a vacation home here. Later this reached an advanced state of decay, and today we can only admire the ruins. They are located at 253 m above sea level on the plateau of Mount Mecsek. On an area of ​​4.5 hectares, there was arranged a park, a recreation area for tourists.

The Tettye Ruins in Pecs

The Tettye Ruins in Pecs @eszter/Flick

The Vilmos Zsolnay Mausoleum

The Vilmos Zsolnay Mausoleum is a major tourist attraction of Pecs and was built in 1913 near the Zsolnay Factory, for the members of the Zsolnay family and is a neo-Roman style building, consisting of a chapel and a crypt containing 32 underground burial places. The facade is decorated with mate tiles and the dome, in the shape of a hemisphere, is covered with dark green majolica. The walls are decorated with colorful ceramic tiles.

In the interior, the dome is painted in blue with gold stars and the friezes, of art nouveau inspiration, offers visitors an unforgettable image. The interior changes its color depending on the angle in which the light falls through the six circular windows. The entrance of the mausoleum courtyard is quite impressive, measuring 131 m and leads visitors into a beautiful park surrounding the mausoleum.

Work of the Zsolnay family, Szechenyi Square, Pecs

Work of the Zsolnay family, Szechenyi Square, Pecs @honeybunched/Flick


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