The best beaches at Lake Balaton

Balatonalmadi Wesselenyi Beach

Balatonalmadi ©

Lake Balaton is one of the most popular tourist spots, especially in the summer. The lake is quite shallow so it gets really warm very easily and has got loads of great beaches, free and not free ones that are not so expensive either, sometimes better maintained and less likely to meet pickpockets there.

Let us know if you like these beaches or if you have been to any of them so far. They are some of my and my friends’ personal favorites – mine is the one at Keszthely, I love that small town. If you ever go to Hungary – especially in the summer, it is absolutely necessary to see lake Balaton and enjoy some of its best beaches.

Balatonalmádi Wesselényi Beach

Balatonalmadi Wesselenyi Beach

Balatonalmadi ©

It is one of the largest beaches on the Northern side of the lake and was renovated in 2010. During renovation it also got a modern and very nice playground for the kids. They attract people with free programs and various mobile vendors, but the nice, clean beach and warm water still remain the main appeal of the beach at Balatonalmadi. Unfortunately there is fewer parking than needed, however, if you come with a bike, you can ‘park’ it within the property of the beach. Wesselenyi is open until 7 PM every day and tickets cost 550 Ft (<$3).

Balatonfüredi Esterházy Beach

Balatonfuredi Esterhazy beach

Esterhazy beach ©

The elegant and crowded Balatonfuredi Esterhazy Beach has got two restaurants, a cocktail bar, a small shop and even a tattoo salon on its territory as well as a thermal and a slide pool which you can use for a surcharge (about $2.5). Although the there are usually quite many sun lovers on the beach, there is always a place for your towel. Entrance for adults costs $4 (summer 2012).

Keszthely Town Beach

Beach at lake Balaton in Keszthely

Keszthely Town Beach ©

My personal favorite, the Keszthely Town Beach also has a large pool with a stretched surface for those who want water with some chlorine. The beach has got more sports grounds, dressing rooms, buffets, but the most attractive feature might be the 40 meter long free slide. You will always find a good place on the 31,000 square meter large beach that also provides free Wi-fi and some of the bars may have all-night-long parties. Keszthely Beach costs a little more than the rest (about $5 for adults), but I still think it’s totally worth it!

As you may see, even non-free beaches are really cheap at Balaton and they can be much more fun. Would you pay the $3 – $5 for the extras these beaches can offer or you’d rather choose a free beach for sun bathing and swimming? Let us know in the comment section below!


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