The Esterhazy Castle in Fertod, the Hungarian Versailles

The Eszterhazy Castle in Fertod

The Eszterhazy Castle in Fertod ©sandyhd/Flick

While you enter the large garden surrounded by exemplary groomed and trimmed bushes through the triple wrought iron gate, you will feel that you come with your hooped dress for an afternoon tea to the Esterhazy family. The territory of the castle became the property of Paul Esterhazy in 1681, who has made great efforts to enrich the possession. One of his famous sayings it is stupid not doing anything, just because we can not do everything.

The Esterhazy family, one of the wealthiest aristocratic family of the country, began to build the Hunting Lodge with 20 rooms in 1720.

It was extended in the second half of the 18th century to became a castle. The town of Fertod is known as the Hungarian Versailles.

The structure of the castle

In the side wings of the Esterhazy Castle in Fertod you will find a horticultural school and a hostel. The horseshoe-shaped main building has two single-story wings. The eastern part was the winter garden and the western wing was the gallery. Opposite to the the main entrance, on the north are still standing the Grenadiers house, which served as the residence of the guards. The building complex also includes the Riding School and the Boarding.

The Esterhazy Castle

The Esterhazy Castle ©nattomi/Flick

The interior of the castle

Besides the ballroom, and a few other smaller rooms, the building now has 126 rooms. Today visitors are awaited by 21 luxuriously furnitured rooms and an endless park is waiting for the visitors. A number of secret doors, frescoes and tricky narrow corridor takes you back in time, even if you are one of those who cannot be easily enchanted.

You can see the Esterhazy Castle already from the castle gate and it is characterized by an impressive symmetry. The decorated curved staircase in the middle leads upstairs to the music room and assembly hall. The four corners of the room are decorated with gilt plaster statues, and the ceiling fresco is the work of Grundemann. In the Chinese Room you will see Chinese lacquer table and “chinoeserie” murals.

Mural on ceiling in the main music room or ballroom

Mural on ceiling in the main music room or ballroom ©sandyhd/Flick

The rooms are very richly decorated, you will find there furniture with gobelein and porcelain from the 18th century. The walls are covered with gold and contemporary murals.

Joseph Haydn lived more than a decade in the Fertõd castle as a court composer. There is a special exhibition that remembers him, and in summers are held countless concerts meant to commemorate the world-famous composer. In the Music House (his former residence) was established a memorial room in his honor.

Other interesting facts

The Esterhazy Castle houses a museum, serves as a major cultural venue and is a Hungarian Haydn research center. The golden age of the building is considered to be those years when Nicholas Esterhazy Fenyes was in charge (1762-1790). The most distinguished guest in the castle history was Maria Theresa, in whose honor fireworks were organized, which was a real rarity at the time, especially that the Hungarian coat of arms and the V. M. T. initials (Vivat Maria Theresia) were drawn up at the sky with the missiles.

The Eszterhazy Castle in Fertod

The Eszterhazy Castle in Fertod ©sandyhd/Flick

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