The famous Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma

The library of the abbey

The library of the abbey ©jns001/Flick

The city of Pannonhalma lies at 19 km in the south of Győr in the Győr- Moson- Sopron county. Many people heard about the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma that lies on the top of the Saint Martin Mountain.

The ensemble that won the World Heritage rank deservedly become the coat of arms of the city, whose history began with the construction of the monastery in 996. The first Benedictine monks came to Hungary at that time to the call of Prince Géza. In the turbulent history of castle, sieges, fires, Turkish troops, reconstructions were changed each other frequently.


Only the daring visitors head towads the abbey on the steep and narrow streets, but it shouldn’t be missed by anyone. The monastery is has become a religious, social, cultural and educational center of the city.

Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma

Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma ©rishon-lezion/Flick

Education at the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma

Since 1943 a high school and a foster home is functioning within the walls of the Benedictine Monastery. Today there live and learn more than 300 internship students. If someone want to be a student at Pannonhalma, first of all he must be a boy, he has to be smart and willing to break away at the age of 13-14 from the family. If someone has known a man that finished his studies in Pannonhalma, knows that this place combines high quality education and personal caring.

The library of the abbey

The library of the abbey ©jns001/Flick

Medicinal drink preparation

Although education is the main profile, the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma has other faces as well. For example in a morning show a monk from Pannonhalma tells about their newest liqueur with smile. Today you can find the Benedictines’ products on store shelves. The Benedictine Abbey has hundread years old manuscripts and printed books, which once included more than 600 ancient recipes. The thousand year tradition of the Benedictine monksis the preparation of medicinal drinks ( teas, herb and bitter liqueurs, tinctures ). The Benedictine liqueurs are unique, because they are made mainly of Agard apple and sour cherry brandy and don’t contain artificial flavoring or coloring agents.

View from the monastery

View from the monastery ©pollobarca2/Flick

Community programs

You might think that this is a closed, tight community, but it’s not. The monastery, the cathedral, the synagogue, the monastery museum, the observatory, the library preserving many unique antique documents is oped to the large public. When the Benedictine monks are not teaching or producing liqueur based on ancient recipes, they are organizing many community programs, and outdoor events. The number of visitors in Pannonhalma is more than 200 thousand people per year. It can be seen that the Benedictine Abbey is not a barricaded fortress, but a bustling center of the city.

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