The famous Castle of Eger

The Eger Castle

The Eger Castle ©csaga/Flick

Eger is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary. The northeastern Hungarian town is rich in historic sites, but is also famous because its thermal waters and tasty wines.

The very first Hungarian king, Saint Stephen founded a bishopric here between 1001-1009, then in 1248 it was built a stone castle to protect it. In the place of the destroyed Romanesque church it was built a Gothic, than a late Gothic style cathedral on the castle hill. The episcopal seat built in the Castle of Eger had its heyday in the XV. century, the Renaissance era.


Back then it was considered one of the leading cultural centers of the country.

The heroic resistance of th Eger Castle

In the XVI. century, the Ottoman conquest reached Hungary as well, which fell victim the nation’s capital. In 1552 the Turks march against one of the most powerful cities of the country, called Eger. Two thousant people protected the Castle of Eger in a five week long siege in front of a forty times larger Turkish army. The heroic resistance is an outstanding event of the Hungarian history and the story reached all parts of the world thanks to the historical novel of Géza Gárdonyi.

The Castle of Eger

The Castle of Eger ©dustpuppy/Flick

The Eger Castle ruin is a protected monument, which operates as the Dobo Istvan Castle Museum. The permanent exhibition presents the history of the castle, its underground fortification, the forms and assets of the medieval punishment. In the stone collection you can see the remains of the destroyed cathedrals and in the heroes hall the marbel tomb cover of Dobo Istvan, the captain leading the defense in 1552. The Eger Picture Gallery in the Castle is one of our most significant art collection, which houses Dutch, Italian, Austrian and Hungarian paintings. The historic traition of the castle is revived by different programs as well besides the exhibitions.

The view from the Eger Castle

The view from the Eger Castle ©alwright1/Flick

The renewal of the Castle of Eger

The city of Eger won this year a historical site development competition, therefor the Castle of Eger will be restored with the help of more that a 1.7 billion Forint investment. New programs are going to be organized as well to attract visitors. During the project they try to restore many parts of the castle including a tower, the Turkish garden, the armory building and the tithe barn, and the promenade outside the northern and the western wall as well. Besides this it is planned the complete replacement of the utilities throughout the Castle of Eger. Among the tourist attraction development are also other elements as the development of a learning museum trail on the Castle Wall Promenade, the establishment of a “secret underground ” world, and the organization of historical time travels as well.

The Eger Castle

The Eger Castle ©csaga/Flick


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