The famous cave spa of Miskolctapolca

The cave spa in Miskolctapolca

The cave spa in Miskolctapolca ©dannyfowler/Flick

Miskolctapolca is a spa resort, a part of the city of Miskolc located at 15 km from the northern coast of Lake Balaton and 180 km from Budapest. The slightly radioactive thermal water (30 °C ) is famous since medieval times due to the benefits in the treatment of heart and nervous system problems, hypertension and digestive disorders. Besides this, it is a real “medicine” against stress and anemia.

The main attraction of the town is the Lake Cave, which is a geological rarity. The cave has a length of 4 km and a boat ride that lasts about 15/20 minutes will definitely impress you. The thermal bath and the cave is a unique formation in Europe.

The unique Miskolc Cave Spa

The famous cave spa of Miskolctapolca is located in the western mountain region of Balaton. Miskolc is a region where you will discover beautiful landscapes. At a few steps from the water of the lake rise basalt hills covered with vineyards. What could be better? The only spa in Europe where is registered 30 °C is the Miskolc Cave Spa. This offers to its visitors hydrotherapy, medical massage and invigorating recreational spaces.

The Miskolc Cave Spa

The Miskolc Cave Spa ©Hungarian Snow/Flick

The services offered by the cave spa

The cave baths of Miskolctapolca are absolutely gorgeous. At the entrance you will see a large room with showers, jacuzzi, water flowing from the walls, a true massage for your back! From here, you start the discovery of several caves, through a lit water tunnel with video cameras, perfect hot water, more isolated areas where you will find a lot of “showers” for massage, stairs, bridges, darker areas. Here you will find a cave where the water is much warmer and is more dark with light games, all kinds of colors projected on the ceiling, this being preferred more by couples.

The cave spa in Miskolctapolca

The cave spa in Miskolctapolca ©dannyfowler/Flick

The sport lovers can try the water aerobics and those who want pampering, can choose from a variety of refreshing massages and treatments every day in the renewed Cave Aqua Therapy department.

There are plenty of hotels in Miskolc, placed around the lake. They may offer a free night after three nights spent here. The price of the hostels the area starts at 1,300 forints, which is about 6 US dollars. Baths or boat rides are a real fun, but if you still feel bored or want to know the city better, you will find many attractions in Miskolc that offer you a large variety of programs.

The famous Cave Spa in Miskolc

The famous Cave Spa in Miskolc ©Hungarian Snow/Flick


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