The famous Gellert Hill with the Citadel of Budapest

The Hungarian Statue of Liberty

The Hungarian Statue of Liberty ©Molesworth II/Flick

The Citadel on the Gellert Hilll is one of the most emblematic locations of Budapest and it is also a popular lookout.

From its tarraces you have one of the best views of the city with the Buda Castle, the Parliament, the Danube bridges, the whole Pest side and the hills of Buda.

The tourist attractions of the Gellert Hill include the Statue of Bishop Saint Gellert, the Saint Gellert Rock Temple and the Statue of Liberty. Furthermore, the Citadel has a 500 seated restaurant, a lounge with a panoramic view, a one-star hotel, four free exhibitions and a wax museum.

St Gellert Statue on the Gellert Hill

St Gellert Statue on the Gellert Hill ©Old Fogey 1942/Flick

The history of the Citadel

The Citadel of Budapest is a former fortress 140 meters above the city and it was built by the Habsburgs to show their domination over the Hungarians after they were defeated in the War of Independence in 1848-49. In fact, the Citadel has never reached the requirements of modern warfare, the 220 meters long and 60 meters wide fortress with 4 meters high walls and 60 cannons only served to deter the Hungarians. After the Habsburgs and the Hungarian Conciliation they demanded the destruction of the Citadel, but the garrison marched out only in 1897, and then symbolically damaged the main gate. After many debates in 1960 it was decided the formation of the tourist center.

Warefare exposition on the Citadel Citadel

Warefare exposition on the Citadel Citadel ©Omar A./Flick

The Hungarian Statue of Liberty

In 1945 the communism captured Hungary and many statues were built to commemorate its glory. The one located on the Gellért Hill of Budapest presents a woman Holding a palm leaf in her hand. More statues were also built, but they have been relocated to the Sculpture Park. After the fall of communism, the statue received a new inscription which says: “Memorial for all those who sacrificed their lives for independence, freedom and the success of Hungary”

Hungarian Statue of Liberty

Hungarian Statue of Liberty ©Molesworth II/Flick

The Saint Gerard Rock Church

In the wall of the Gellért Hill is located an amazing work, the shrine of Paulines, the Saint Gerard Rock Church (Szent Gellért Sziklatemplom). The Church has two parts: an ancient cave and an artificial rock cavity. Unfortunately because of the events of the 1950s, this church stopped functioning and opened its doors after the 1989. Currently the rock church is not only an important monument, but it is also a nature reserve.

The Gellert Hill Cave

The Gellert Hill Cave ©Omar A./Flick

Launge, restaurant and hotel in the Citadel

The old building of the Citadel houses a restaurant with eight different halls: the Hunter’s Hall, 2 White Halls, the Garnison Hall, the Marble Hall, the Artist’s Hall, the Knight’s Hall and the Prison Yard. The cozy restaurant serves excellent Hungarian food and in the evenings awaits its guests with folk music.

In one side of the Citadel of Budapest you will find the Citadel Lounge with a romantic panorama. From its terrace we can enjoy the majestic view of Budapest and the Danube.

Citadella Lounge on the Gellert Hill of Budapest

Citadella Lounge on the Gellert Hill of Budapest ©jasongerardderose/Flick

The Citadel also has a one-star hotel with 12 hotel rooms and 1 tourist room with 14 beds. The hotel has its own restaurant, a gift shop, a private garden, an enclosed parking place, safe and a 24-hour reception service.

Exhibitions on the Citadel

The Citadel on the Gellert Hill has several exhibitions. Three of these can be seen in the glass cases in the courtyard of the fort and an other one is the outer north side of the Citadel. These four are free of charge. For the Second World War wax exhibition located in the building you have to buy ticket.

Wax museum in the Citadel

Wax museum in the Citadel ©steve p2008/Flick

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