The famous Matthias Church in Budapest

The Matthias Church and the Fismerman's Bastion

The Matthias Church and the Fismerman’s Bastion ©Arian Zwegers/Flick

The Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, but known as the Matthias Church of Budapest is located in the First district.

In the past the building was the place of coronations and royal weddings. It was built in Gothic style, it was transformed for several times, its present Neo-Gothic shape dates from the turn of the XIX-XX. century.

In the Trinity Chapel rest the ornamented sarcophagus of the Hungarian King Bela III. and his wife’s, Anna Antioch. Their remains were brought here in 1898, from their crypt discovered in the ruined garden of the city of Székesfehérvár.


Among the liturgical supplies a special value has the “Matthias chalice”, which is one of the medieval devotional objects of the church. The Black Madonna is a wooden statue from the 17th century and it is a copy of the famous Polish Black Madonna statue.

The temple treasury and the crypt can be visited. Concerts are also regularly held in the Matthias Church in Budapest.

The history of the church

The construction of the Church of Our Lady began during the reign of King Béla IV. in early Gothic style (1255-1269). The north tower dates from that period. King Luis the Great built the Maria Gate in the 15th century (the visitor use this entrance of the church today), then Sigismund and King Matthias extended it. King Matthias added the sixty feet high south tower decorated with his raven coat of arms. This is why it is commonly known as the Matthias Church.

The Matthias Church in Budapest

The Matthias Church in Budapest ©Nigel’s Europe

During the Turkish occupation it was converted into a mosque, and the after the reconquest of the castle it was rebuilt in Baroque style. In 1895-1903 it was renovated in neo-Gothic style according to plans of Schulek in Frederick. In that time were made the frescoes of the Matthias Church that are seen today.

Visiting the Matthias Church

The Matthias Church in Budapest can be visited in weekdays between 9 and 17, on Saturday between 9 and 13 and on Sunday between 13 and 17 with ticket. During important religious celebrations and events the opening hours of the church can be different.

Inside of the Matthias Church

Inside of the Matthias Church ©mararie/Flick

The ticket is valid for the temple and the museum and you can also attend the organized tours of the church. Individual guests can currently hire English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, and Polish audio guide equipment.

The Matthias Church has such great acoustics that is used for sound recordings and classical concerts are also often held there.

Those who wish to pray or just stay quietly, the sacramental chapel is opened all day and, of course, this it is free of charge. This chapel is opened for visitors with tourist purposes as well.

The Matthias Church and the Fismerman's Bastion

The Matthias Church and the Fismerman’s Bastion ©Arian Zwegers/Flick



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