The most beautiful national parks in Hungary

Hortobagy National Park, Hungary

Hortobagy ©

Hungary’s first national park, the iconic Hortobagy National Park, was established in 1973, however, since 2002 ten different national parks intend to preserve the unique ecological unity that is the characteristic of Hungary for the following generations.

The other goal of these establishments – in accordance with the guidelines of the International Union for Conservation of Nature – is to foreshow these amazing natural treasures to the wider public, to make it possible for anyone to engage into outdoors activities and get to know the world around us better. Check out some of the most beautiful Hungarian national parks and let us know which one you’d like to visit.

Bükki National Park – canyons, castles and waterfalls

Bukki National Park, Hungary

Bukki National Park ©

In the wilderness of the North Hungarian Mountains cut up by rocks and valleys lies one of the first national parks of the country, the Bukki National Park. It is more than 38 000 hectares giving home to nearly 850 caves, the 245 meters deep and almost 7 kilometers long Istvan-lapai cave, the Anna- and Szent Istvan (Saint Steven) caves, the Tapolca Lake Cave and many others.

One of the most beautiful places in the park of sinkholes and waterfalls is the town of Lillafüred but you should not miss the Diósgyőr Castel, Szilvásvárad and the Szalajka valley with its 17 meter long, terraced Veil Waterfall, the whole place is just plain amazing.

Őrségi National Park – an ancient scenary

Orsegi National Park, HUngary

Orsegi Nat. Park ©

As the youngest of its kind, the Orsegi National Park was established in 2002, as the 10th national park in Hungary. Its 44 000 hectares territory includes 44 towns and villages, 200 water springs, 15 streams and 3 rivers – Rába, Zala and Kerka covering the Őrség, Vendvidék, Rába Valley and Szentgyörgyvalley landscapes.

It is one of the most ancient landscapes in the country with its colorful meadows, deep forests, cozy villages, rich flora and fauna and many protected species. The people of the park live here since the Conquest in the 9th century and keep their old customs and traditions as intact as possible.

Aggteleki National Park – a World Heritage Site

Aggteleki National Park in Hungary, winter view

Aggteleki National Park ©

In the Northern Hungarian Mountains you can find the first national park in the country that was established specifically for the preservation of geological treasures. Although a large variety of protected species live on the 20 000 hectares park, its most specific treasures are the uniquely rich dolomitic phenomena.

Due to its karstic forms and caves, Aggtelek is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 and is rich in tarns, lakes, sinkholes, catchments and small valleys. However, if you want some culture too, do not miss one of the largest Hungarian castle ruin, Szádvár and Jósvafő, a scenic little village surrounded by mountains, home to the famous Huncut stud.

All the parks are breathtaking and perfect for any hiker, biker or lover of nature. These might be the most beautiful national parks in my opinion, but as the other 7 are also amazing, so if you don’t agree with me, just let me know. 🙂

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