The most delicious recipes of the Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian sour cherry soupHungarian cuisine is probably not as well known as French or Italian, but anyone who has ever tasted it can tell you that there is nothing better than a hot bowl of gulyas soup on a rainy day. Hungarian cuisine is wholesome, if not exactly light – you need a strong stomach for some of the most enticing meals. Those who like spicy, garlicky food with lots of paprika will find that Hungarian cuisine is a blast. So even if you don’t go to Hungary anytime soon (although we recommend that you do, because there’s no way you’ll find better Hungarian food anywhere else), here are some of the most delicious recipes of the Hungarian cuisine.

Fisherman’s soup

For the people living on the banks of the Danube, fisherman’s soup has been a staple for centuries. Fresh fish, caught from the river (especially carp, catfish, sturgeon and pike or perch) are used to make this spicy, thick soup. There are several varieties, depending on the region, but the most well known are the fisherman soup from Szeged, and the one from Paks. They all contain fish heads, trimmings and meat, as well as lots of different kinds of vegetables and liberal amounts of paprika.

Arany galuska

This popular Hungarian deserts, whose name means ‘golden dumplings’, consists of layers of sweet dumplings, covered in thick vanilla custard. An alternative recipe calls for ground walnut mixed with sugar, but either way, the dumpling cake is baked to perfection in an oven until it gets the distinctive golden color than gave its name.


Fatányéros is a mixed grill originating from Transylvania, and it will definitely appeal to meat-lovers. Slices of veal, beef, pork cutlets, and a slice of goose liver and a slice of bacon are grilled or roasted on a spit, and served on a wooden platter with thick slices of grilled potatoes as a garnish. Try the fatányéros at Gundel restaurant in Budapest, it’s supposed to be one of the best anywhere.

Sour cherry soup

Hungarians like creamy fruit soups that can be eaten either as appetizers or as a desert. Fruit soups are usually made of sour-ish fruits, like gooseberries, apples, and of course, sour cherries. Sour cherry soup has a pleasant pink color, and it can be served either as a cream soup, or with entire cherries in it. Served with some whipped cream, it is the dream food of any sweet-toothed wanderer, and it is definitely one of the most delicious recipes of the Hungarian cuisine.


Gulyásleves, or goulash, is a popular dish in Eastern Europe, although some say that the original recipe was coined by Hungarians. This is a hearty beef and vegetable soup that sometimes is so thick that it can be eaten with a fork. The recipe varies widely depending on region, but it always contains beef, potatoes, carrots, peppers and paprika.

Hungarian cuisine is full of tasty dishes, but they are also quite heavy and spicy, so just carefully, do not overload your stomach. But definitely try as much food in Hungary as you can and do not commit the crime of going to a fast food or ordering pizza. 🙂

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