The most famous tourist attractions in Downtown Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flick

Budapest is one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in Europe and it is not surprising. It has so many tourist attractions, that you must visit it more than once to see them all.

We already presented the right area of the city, today we focus on the left bank of the Danube, and especially on the Downtown area.

The most famous tourist attractions in Budapest Downtown area include the famous pedestrian street, the oldest church of the city, the Saint Stephen Basilica and the Great Synagogue, the National Museum, the stunning building of the Hungarian Parliament and other beautiful architectural buildings.

The famous Vaci Pedestrian Street

Budapest downtown for most of the tourists means the Vaci Street and its surroundings. This pedestrian street can be considered one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Danube. The street is divided into two parts: the Old Vaci Street that is located to south from the Elizabeth Bridge and to north from the bridge until the Vörösmarty Square is the New Vaci Street. The new pedestrian street is primarily famous for its exclusive shops, while on the old side near the shops you find many cafes and a restaurant. Tourists love both sides equally, because they find here everything for themselves. There are lots of souvenir shops, and although the prices are the highest in the city, many people buy Hungarian specialties to take home on this street.

The Vaci pedestrian streen in Budapest Downtown

The Vaci pedestrian streen in Budapest Downtown ©blacktie.whitenoise/Flick

The old Parish Church

An other important tourist attraction Parish Church Budapest downtown on the March 15th Square is the first church of the capital. It is unique because in the inside you can find the whole spectrum of architectural style from the Roman period to the Classicism.

The Great Synagogue

The recently renovated building of the Great Synagogue on the Tobacco Street (Dohány utca) is Europe’s largest synagogue, its excellent acoustics make it perfect for music concerts. In the courtyard you will find an other tourist attraction, the Jewish Museum, which is has a unique Judaic collection in Central Europe, and the museum is also a center of Jewish culture.

The Great Synagogue in Budapest

The Great Synagogue in Budapest ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flick

The Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum is the most beautiful piece of the Hungarian neoclassical architecture. It is located in the city center, between the Astoria and Kalvin Square. Since 1846 the country’s most important public collection holds the historical relics of Hungarian people from prehistoric times to the present day.

The Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament (Kossuth Square) is the largest and most magnificent building in the country. The 96 meters high and 118 meters wide masterpiece was built by Imre Steindl between 1885 and 1902 and has 10 courtyards, 29 staircases, 27 gates and  Europe’s first district heating system. The Holy Crown and the coronation regalia are important tourist attractions and can be visited in group with a local guide.

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flick

The Saint Stephen Basilica

The Saint Stephen’s Basilica (Bajcsy Zsilinszky Street) is a neo-Renaissance church upgraded to the rank of a minor basilica and it is the second largest church in the country with the biggest bell in Hungary. The precious treasure of the Holy Right Chapel is the relics of King Saint Stephen (1000-1038), its 1000 year old preserved right hand. The treasury of the Church holds church history pieces and from the tower balcony you have a magnificent panoramic view over the city.

Other beautiful architectural buildings

An other tourist attraction is the Central Market that has a really special architectural design that worth be seen (Vámház boulevard 1-3). One of the most beautiful creations of Hungarian Art Nouveau is the building of the Arts and Crafts Museum (Üll?i Street 33-37.), the residential building on the Szervita Square, and the former Post Office Savings Bank (Hold street 4).

The Central Market Hall in Budapest

The Central Market Hall in Budapest ©**emmar**/Flick

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