The Most Interesting Museums in Hungary

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When we speak about museums what comes to our mind is dusty shells and long, empty corridors… definitely something boring. However it doesn’t always have to be that way, there are a lot of amazing museums with interesting, weird, bizarre or touching themes that are fun to go to and will really give you something special. The institutions below are some of the most interesting museums in Hungary, they provide information about areas from art to history in a manner that will surely make you remember them. All parts of the country have something to offer in terms of museums and exhibitions and many of these are very unique in their choice of topic.


The House of Terror in Budapest

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One of my favorite museums ever is the House of Terror in Budapest. The museum opened its gates in 2002 on Andrássy Road 60, former headquarters first of the Nyilas Party, the Fascist regime of the country and then that of the ÁVO, the fearful secret police of Hungary in the Communist Era. On the inside walls you can see the pictures of the young men and women that died in the Revolution of 1956 or after that, during the retaliation. The building’s basement was also used as prison for political captives.

Now the museum has got exhibitions about the life of police officers, about the way law suits worked at the time, about the life of the prisoners kept, interrogated and killed in the building. You can see documentaries with the account of those who suffered during the Fascist and Communist regime and see how they used fear as a weapon to control the masses. It is an amazing and moving experience, I have left crying.

Drum Museum in Cegléd

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One museum with a less serious but still nice theme is the Cegléd Drum Museum. Founded in 1992 this special institution has got a vast collection of drum sets from 1900 on and from all over the world. The pop, jazz and classical drums are not only displayed but they can also be touched and visitors can even try some of them. The instruments are all original and very valuable by all the famous drum brands of the world from Pearl and Gretsch to Yamaha and other great brands. This unusual collection is really worth a visit for the lovers of drums and not only. The instruments displayed are of great value as some are a hundred years old.

Museum of Porcelain Art in Herend

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Herend is the capital of porcelain being the largest porcelain manufacturer of the world. Founded in 1826 the company is more than 180 years old. They are making really amazing things out of porcelain, walking in the factory and seeing the workers painting each and every piece themselves is like being in Wonderland.

They had numerous famous customers over the last two centuries, such as Queen Victoria, Nicolas II of Russia, Pope John Paul II, Lady Diana and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Visitors can see all kinds of beautiful hand-painted dinner sets, vases, small statues made of porcelain. They can enter the factory and see the painters in work as well as the other phases of the porcelain making, the whole place has got such an elegant air. Totally recommended!

Aviation Museum in Szolnok

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One great and FREE attraction in Hungary is definitely the Aviation Museum in Szolnok. Located right next to the Szolnok Military Airport, it displays  an huge number of aircrafts – not only military, helicopters and also engines and  jets. Entrance is free and visitors can take pictures and make videos too, free of charge. I think it could be a great experience for kids, especially boys, but this is something everyone can enjoy.

Hope everyone could find a museum close to their interest whether history lover, musician or a big kid who loves all things technical. The above are some of the most interesting museums and must-sees of Hungary, especially if you happen to be on a tour around the country.

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