The most interesting museums in Pécs

The Zsolnay Museum in Pecs

The Zsolnay Museum in Pecs ©bzsozso/Flick

Passionate or not of pharmaceutics, you must visit the Pharmaceutical Museum of Pecs. This interesting museum in Pecs functions as pharmacy since 1764, and the furniture that you can see today dates back from 1897. Another place similar to the Pharmaceutical Museum, is the Museum of the Gránátalma Pharmacy.

Photography enthusiasts can not miss a visit to the Victor Vasarely Museum. One of the most famous museums in Pecs is the Zsolnay Museum, which shows a history of the porcelain factory with the same name, founded in 1853.


The Pharmaceutical Museums

The Pharmaceutical Museum of Pecs is beautifully decorated with inlaid ceramics, made at the famous Zsolnay factory. The fountain found inside the museum has been crafted there as well. The collection of the museum contains many documents and artifacts regarding the history of the local pharmaceutical area.

The Gránátalma Pharmacy Museum was founded in 1796 by the hospitalier brothers of St. John, which still preserves the original furniture of the eighteenth century. During renovation, it was discovered a fresco illustrating different types of herbs that will surely get your attention.

Old Pharmacy in Pecs

Old Pharmacy in Pecs ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

The Zsolnay Museum

The Zsolnay Factory was the most famous of its kind in Europe for more than a half century and is a national brand. Numerous buildings in Budapest or in Pecs decorated with majolica boards were created in this factory, thereby contributing to the appearence of a new specific Hungarian architectural style. The exhibits of the museum are entirely crafted by the Zsolnay company. The exhibition consists of samples from the production of ceramics, pottery, tiles from the beginnig of the nineteenth century to the first decade of the twentieth century. Any tourist that loves decorative art will want to visit this interesting museum in Pecs.

The Zsolnay Museum in Pecs

The Zsolnay Museum in Pecs ©bzsozso/Flick

The Victor Vasarely Museum

One of the most important international artists, Victor Vasarely (1906-1997), was born in Pecs, which is why the museum is dedicated to him and houses a rich exhibition of the works of the artist. The most representative of his works, entitled Zebra, can be also seen in the exhibition. Vasarely himself donated to the museum in Pecs a total of 42 serigraphic works, paintings, tapestries and personal graphic sketches. As a recognition of his artistic value, to Vasarely are dedicated other museums as well besides the one in Pecs, one of them is in Budapest and an other in Aix-en-Provence.

If this museum of Pecs didn’t attract your attention, maybe the maze of the underground cellars beneath the building of the museum, where is opened the exhibition titled Mining in the Mecsek, would be interesting enaugh for you, especially because gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the historical facts concerning the development of this region. The exhibition covers an area of ​​400 m, in a depth of 10 m beneath the ground level.

The view of Pecs

The view of Pecs ©flightlog/Flick



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