The most interesting tourist attractions in Sopron

The beautiful city of Sopron

The beautiful city of Sopron @Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

Sopron is a charming town in western Hungary, in the Győr-Moson-Sopron county, one of the 23 regions with country status in the country. On the approximately 170 square kilometers live 57,000 people. This area has a strong German minority, so it is officially a bilingual city.

After the First World War it should have become the capital of the Austrian province of Burgenland, but the government has made a deal after which it was organized a popular consultation to establish the state of which the region of Sopron would belong. The referendum was held in December 1921, and the majority voted for Hungary.

Gate of Fidelity

The Fidelity Gate is an interesting tourist attraction in Sopron, a symbol of the city. In reality, it is a homage card provided to the city of Sopron, which is located at the entrance of the Firewatch Tower, saying “fidelissima civitas” – “For most loyal citizens” – because of the referendum in 1922.

The Gate of Faith in Sopron

The Gate of Faith in Sopron @k.dmitrijewa/Flick

The Firewatch Tower in Sopron

The Firewatch Tower is located at the northern end of the Main Market and is a symbol of Sopron. The interior was built on the ruins of the Roman city wall and served as a tower in the thirteenth century. Its current  form with the baroque balcony and rudder type roof was acquired only after the great fire of 1676. The guardians played an important role: to guard the area, but also to signal the position of fire with lanterns at night and colored flags in daytime. Although the tower was modified over time, still stands, and what travelers can see today is made according to the plans of Frigyes Schulek​​.

The House of the Two Moors

When you go to the Dorfmeister Square from the Church of Saint Spirit, you will find the Two Moors House, built in the seventeenth century. What attracts the attention particularly are the two impressive statues staying at the entrance.

The House of the two moors

The House of the two moors @Roman Hobler/Flick

The old pharmacy in Sopron

The House of the Pharmacy escaped demolition in the sixteenth century, when the city council wanted to destroy it, in order to increase an other building. King Ludwig II opposed that, saying that the main market would not be the same. In the eighteenth century, the House of Pharmacy has been used by a number of chemists and doctors. Adam Gensel was living here as well between 1677 and 1720, a physician and meteorologist who discovered the link between weather and human body. Since the renovation in 1966-1967, the building serves as a museum of Pharmacy and is a really interesting tourist attraction in Sopron. The exhibition is actually the interior of a 200-year- old pharmacy woekshop.

The beautiful city of Sopron

The beautiful city of Sopron @Emmanuel Dyan/Flick



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