The most popular travel destinations in Hungary


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I know I have often wrote about how many beautiful places there are in Hungary but I am not sorry for repeating myself so much! Now l am here again with a new bucket of cozy and beautiful places, this time the most popular travel destinations in Hungary, or at least some of them…

Hope you will be a little more inspired to visit these places and the country in general, if it is so, please let me know in the comment section or check out other articles to get to know more about Hungary and it’s wonders and I will try to answer all possible questions, until then, just sit back and hopefully enjoy reading about some pretty amazing places.



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The city of Tihany is one of the most nicely positioned towns in the country and also occupies a noble position among the most romantic destinations… Tihany is located next to Lake Balaton which is a huge plus, it also has valuable historical monuments and a world famous and breathtaking lavender plantation that is something you just have to see.


Heviz, Heviz lake

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The town’s main attraction is the Hévíz tó (Heviz Lake) which is the second largest thermal lake in the whole world. The lake is a popular travel destination during the whole year due to the water’s warm temperatures. The water also has healing powers and the proximity of Balaton, the charming streets of the town as well as the wellness services are all very very appealing…



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Located 9.5 miles (15 km) from the center of Miskolc city, Lillafured is an ideal place for families as well as romantic getaways if you prefer the refreshing mountain air to the sea or lake shore. The beautiful Palace Hotel and the charming Hamoti lake greatly contribute to the appeals of the town.



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Abadszalok is one of the most favored holiday resorts at the Tisza Lake and a real tourist paradise during the summer season thanks to its sandy beach and shallow water that warms up really quickly. Thanks to the constant summer breeze the lovers of water sports are never disappointed either.



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The most popular holiday resort and destination on the shore of Lake Balaton and also the largest town in the proximity of the lake. It is home to numerous music and other festivals every year and this very much sought out by younger travelers. The city center that is always busy in the summer is the Petofi Alley located on the very famous Golden Shore.

So, what is the place you would like to visit the most? I think I may prefer Lillafured with its mountain breeze and maybe Heviz with the thermal lake, but I love all of them and many other wonderful places in Hungary I will attempt to show you in the future articles.



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