The most romantic small towns in Hungary

Tata fortress

Tata fortress ©

We all know Budapest is the most popular and well known city in the country, but if one desires to get away from the noise and crowds of a big city, Hungary has got loads of romantic small towns that make perfect destinations. Small towns always have their special charm and now I would like to present you with my favorite cozy places, perfect for nice walks, relaxation and a romantic weekend.

Check out my top list and decide which town would you like to visit for a romantic or relaxing getaway. Let me know what you like the most, mountains, lake sides, river sides… check out the list below.

Visiting the most romantic towns

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Also called the City of Waters, Tata, located in Komarom-Esztergom county, is sometimes considered the most romantic town in Hungary thanks to its beautiful lake, lakeside walking path, its unique water fortress, the Esterhazy palace or the wild English Garden. Apart from all this, Tata has got a lot of cozy little bars to cool yourself down in with a cold drink.

Tata fortress

Tata ©fortress


The pearl of the Alpokalja (Hungarian: ‘feet of the Alps’), a mountainous area in Western Hungary, belonging to Vas county, Kőszeg is a real fairy tale like small town with an intimate main square, castle from the Middle Ages, romantic moat and beautiful trekking paths. Maybe the most interesting feature of the town is that the so called ‘Becsületkassza’ (~ honor based cash register) is still working on its streets. The idea of this thing is that someone puts out a product in front of their house/shop, put a paper with a proposed price next to the product(s) and a money-box so anyone wants to take something, they just take it and leave the money in the box. Nice, hah?

Koszeg main square

Koszeg main square ©


Also called the City of Flowers, Gyula is taking visitors into the time and land of knight tales. The town has got a medieval castle that gives home to a museum and theater as well. The castle gives home to different events almost every month from Renaissance fairs through palinka festivals to castle feasts and so on.

How did you like the above towns? Have you been to any of them or maybe in another Hungarian town that charmed you? Please let me know your choices and experiences about the most romantic small towns of Hungary in the comment section.

Gyula castle

Gyula castle ©

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