The Sio gate at Siofok and the Sio channel

The Sio channel at Siofok

The Sio channel at Siofok ©korom/Flick

The Sio gate is located in Siófok at the passenger ship port, and it is used for water drainage.

The ship gate can be opened from the freighter port of Siofok.

The two channel sections that follow the gates unite in a common bed after 150 m. T

he flood gate is at 2.7 km from the Danube, which is actually a drainage and a ship gate and its main purpose is to prevent the chanel from the backwater effect of the Danube and the protection of the Sio channel from the Danube floods.


The history of the Sio channel

The construction of the channel was started by the Romans with the purpose of draining the accumulated surface water. The valley of Sio was mentioned in the time of Emperor Galerius (203-311) and the writing report that in 293 the lake called Pelso was already drained in the Danube.

The Sio gate and channel at Siofok

The Sio gate and channel at Siofok ©korom/Flick

In the nineteenth century some plans were made to control the water level of the Lake of Balaton. The purposes were the construction of a waterway which connects the lake to the Danube, the drainage of the surrounding lake swamps and their involvement in the agricultural cultivation, the safety of the port of Balatonfüred and the prevention from the water and ice damaging of the Budapest-Adria railway line.

In order to regulate the water level of the Lake of Balaton a wooden gate was built. The inauguration was in the 25th of October in 1863. The Siofok wooden gate and water conductivity of the Sio channel proved to be insufficient therefore in 1891 a concrete gate was built with iron boards. The new gate has a 2X8 m opening, a 50 m3/s water drainage and it is located at 165 meters from the old gate in the river bed of the Sio channel.

The Sio channel at Siofok

The Sio channel at Siofok ©korom/Flick

The presentations of the Sio channel

The Sio channel branches off from the Balaton at Siófok, it is 120.8 km long reaches the Danube next to the Gemenci Forest, at a few kilometers from the city of Szekszard. The channel bed has an average inclination of 14.5 cm/km and a width of 20 to 30 meters. The water depth varies between 0 and 8.8 m. The water speed might be between 0.5-4 km/h. The water level of the Sio channel is uneven. In the upper part is a significant level of water only when the Sio gate is opened at Siofok and the water of the Lake of Balaton is drained. The lower part depends mainly on the water level of the  Kapos River. The Sio channel connects the Lake of Balaton with the 9,000 km long European waterway system.

The Sio channel

The Sio channel ©korom/Flick

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