The Szechenyi Square in Pecs

View of the Szechenyi Square

View of the Szechenyi Square @ M.Maselli/Flick

If you want to spend a quiet afternoon in a harmonious place, which is full of tourist attractions, historical monuments, statues and churches, the most ideal place is the Szechenyi Square. This is one of the most attractive places in Pecs. Around the market, you can find many places where you can enjoy traditional dishes and a glass of flavored wine. In the evening, you can visit the theater, which is situated in its vicinity.

In the market are situated some of the most beautiful and popular monuments. It is annually visited by hundreds of tourists arriving in Pecs, to spend their vacation.


From the Szechenyi Square in Pecs are leading 12 streets, so it is in a way the most important place of the city. The square in the past was the place of fairs, where every week was organized a market. But this had a significant reputation in the past also becayse there have been built the most important buildings as mosques, churches, fountains and statues. In the last century around the market were built several banks, post office, shops, pharmacy.

View of the Szechenyi Square

View of the Szechenyi Square @ M.Maselli/Flick

Religious buildings

As soon as you arrive at the Szechenyi Square, you will see a church with a blue dome that attracts every eye. This is the mosque built by Pasha Gazi Kassim. Right next to the dome, you can see the beautiful bell dedicated to St. Bertalan.

The mosque on the Szechenyi Square

The mosque on the Szechenyi Square @ Martijn.Munneke/Flick

The Clock Tower

Every hour you can hear an impressively beautiful a song in the Szechenyi Square of Pecs that comes from the playing of the bells. When you look after the sound, you will see the clock tower, which is also an important monument of the market. If you sit on a bench, you can also enjoy a water play, gleefully gushing out of the well, calling the children to play.

The Zsolnay Fountain

If you look in the opposite direction to the mosque, you will see another church, in front of which stands a truly special fountain, namely Zsolnay Fountain, built in 1912 and donated to the city. The monument was designed by Miklós Zsolnay in memory of his father, Vilmos Zsolnay.

The Zsolnay Fountain on the Szechenyi Square

The Zsolnay Fountain on the Szechenyi Square @jeaneeem/Flick

The Statue of the Holy Trinity

Between 1710 – 1714 many people have died in the plague. In their memory was erected in 1908 the Statue of the Holy Trinity in the Szechenyi Square, which can still be seen in the market. The statue was erected in the memory of the victims perished from plague.

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