The Tarodi Castle and the Fabricius House in Sopron

The Tarodi Castle

The Tarodi Castle @Curious Expeditions/Flick

The Tarodi Castle is one of the most mysterious places in Sopron, probably this is the main reason that has a great interest among tourists. The Tarodi Castle has just over half a century and is still inhabited today by the Tarodi family, although some rooms of the castle are open to curious tourists.

The Fabricius House is a that place you can not miss it if you are on a vacation in Sopron. Behind a facade decorated in Baroque style, you will find four buildings built in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The house was built on the ruins of a Roman building.


The Tarodi Castle

The Tarodi Castle is located in a suburb of Sopron and is easily spotted because of its many towers and turrets. At first glance, the castle seems to be descended from fairy tales, but do not be fooled! The dark passages, stained glass, cold rooms, every corner seems to hide something here! The manufacturer of the castle, István Tarodi was impressed by the medieval layout of the town of Sopron and it seems that that he got the idea from that to build a residence that fits into the landscape.

The Tarodi Castle

The Tarodi Castle @Curious Expeditions/Flick

After numerous attempts, the Tarodi Castle in Sopron is still standing, surviving the turning points in the history of the twentieth century, such as the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, or when the communists came to power. Even after half a century after the start of construction, the castle still seems unfinished, while some parts of the walls are collapsing, others are under construction.

The extravagant members of the Tarodi family seem to be some serious collectors. Old furniture, paintings that nobody remembers, old family photos, all gathered in the dusty rooms of the castle, give the visitor the impression that he broke into an old world, some centuries ago, although, in reality, the castle has only a few decades of life, built after 1952!

Exhibition in the Tarodi Castle

Exhibition in the Tarodi Castle @Curious Expeditions/Flick

The Fabricius House

The Fabricus House in Sopron is an outstanding building that worth to be visited. A nice balcony completes a huge window that spans over two levels, a façade dating from the eighteenth century. The garden is also very beautiful, decorated with arches and columns built in the seventeenth century. In the basement of the Fabricus House in Sopron there are several cellars where archaeologists have found traces of ancient Roman baths.

The Fabricus House (on the left)

The Fabricus House (on the left) @Emmanuel-Dyan/Flick

Fabricius was mayor and magistrate of the city of Sopron and acquired the building that bears his name in the early nineteenth century. Fabricius’s descendants donated the house to the Lutheran Church. Today in the Fabricus House can be visited three exhibitions: a Roman Lapidary in the basement, an exhibition entitled “Three millennia on the Amber road”, located on the first and second floor. The rooms inhabited by bourgeois in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are decorated with the original furniture.



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