The third largest basilica of Europe in the city of Esztergom

The Basilica at night

The Basilica at night ©nagy.pite/Flick

In the Transdanubia, at the foot of the Pilis Hills, in the north-eastern part of Komárom-Esztergom county, on the right bank of the Danube, opposite to the Slovakian town of Párkány lies Esztergom, a real Hungarian-hearted city. The highest point of the city, the 157 meter high Castle Hill, stands out from the landscape of the Old Town.

The city is the seat of the Archbishop, the head of the Hungarian Catholic Church. Saint Stephen built the first Hungarian cathedral in the honor of Our Lady and Saint Adalbert in Esztergom and in this place lies the Cathedral today as well.

The huge basilica

The historical time travel begins at the stairs that lead to the mountain. You get to the Cathedral on a medieval staircase that starts at the port. As you slowly get closer appears the amazing-sized cathedral building. The Basilica of Esztergom is the biggest in Hungary and the third largest church in Europe.

The city of Esztergom and the Basilica

The city of Esztergom and the Basilica ©jns001/Flick

Inside the Basilica

Everything in the cathedral is monumental, every detail is of stunning scale. The 6.5 × 13 meter altarpiece is the world’s largest canvas image and was made by Michelangelo Grigoletti in Venice. First of all they had to make the hugest loom of those times and they also built a special chariot in Italy to transport the finished painting to Esztergom.

The Castle and the Basilica

The Castle and the Basilica ©korom/Flick

Let’s see some amazing numbers! The internal floor of the Basilica of Esztergom has an area of ​​5660 square meters, it is 118 m long and 49 m wide, the inner height is of 100 meters and the wall is 17 meters thick. The cross at the top is 7 m high and 4 m wide. Standing near the dome at the St. Stephen’s Square and watching the building you will suddenly start to feel very small and insignificant. The Bakócz chapel inside the cathedral the Turks found to be so beautiful, that used as a mosque.

The Basilica at night

The Basilica at night ©nagy.pite/Flick

If you go down to the crypt of the cathedral, you will find among other things, the shrine of the prelates and the builders of the church. The Cathedral Treasury you can see the ensemble of priceless works of art, which is one of the richest collections of religious art in Central Europe. You must see the Ancient seminary under the Basilica of Esztergom or the Dark Gate, that is the gateway underneath the artificial hill built for the Cathedral. In the archive of the Basilica is preserved the secret recipe of the Zwack Unicum.

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