Top 10 romantic places in Hungary for fall


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Hungary is beautiful destination and many tourists visit it all year around. If you do not want to spend here you summer holiday, but you would like to visit in autumn for example, it has many beautiful places which we can warmly recommend to you.

At fall the sun still shines, the nature is richly colored; it is the perfect moment to visit one of the following beautiful places, even for a weekend. Take long walks in nature decorated with colorful leaves, enjoy the sunshine and admire the autumn charm of the little towns, parks and natural attractions.


Let’s see which are the top 10 romantic places in Hungary for fall that you can choose from.


It is a beautiful historic city, you should definitely see it. Walk up on the Castle Street and to the statue of Saint Stephen and Gizella, where you will have a beautiful view of the old town. During the walk we can take a look at the Bishop’s Palace, the Fire Tower and the other sights of Veszprém as well.

The romantic city of Veszprem

The romantic city of Veszprem ©Nóbik Attila/Flick


Sümeg is the biggest and the best preserved castle in the area of the Lake of Balaton and it is perfect for a romantic trip.  It is a great experience to roam all parts of the castle. Climbing the hill is a great practice, and the view is beautiful from the castle, perhaps it is the most beautiful in the fall.


Hévíz is the unique healing water of Hungary. It can be visited in the fall as well, and it can be a nice program even for winter. The water of the lake is over 30 C degrees even in fall, it is an exceptional experience. The city is surrounded by many hiking and cycling trails as well.


Gyula is one of the most romantic places of Hungary and one of the main attractions of the city is the 15th century castle, which is the only intact brick castle in Central Europe. Another famous attraction of Gyula is the Castle Bath that was established in a huge park with old trees, which is a perfect place for romantic walks. The water of the bath water has 72 C degrees. If you really desire a unique experience, go on Friday or Saturday and have a night ibathing as well.


If you really want a romantic destination in Hungary, select Lillafüred. Spend some romantic nights in the beautiful castle hotel, and we can take a boat on the lake in front of the hotel. There are many botanical rarities in the surroundings and you should also take a route with the forest railway, taste the trout of the area and do not miss the Fagyol (Veil) waterfall.


A beautiful mansion in the middle of a beautiful park, this is Martonvasar. The Brunzvik family created a park on the wasteland where you can see rare species as the bald cypress, the maple or the sycamore. The stream flowing through the park was inflated, and an artificial lake was created. You can take a romantic walk in the park and crossing the wooden bridge, you can walk to the island, where you can hear the works of Beethoven in the summer.


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Zirc is famous because of its abbey and the beautiful arboretum. The arboretum has nearly 600 different secies of trees and shrubs. It is an ideal setting for a truly romantic trip especially in the fall.


Tihany is probably the most romantic place in the area of the Lake of Balaton. If you walk the way up to the abbey, you can admire the beautiful panorama, and you can try the famous Tihany back sound.


It is a small town with a particularly charming downtown filled with many alleys and a beautiful Danube shore. Most of the city can be visited only on foot, so you have to be prepared for a long, pleasant walk. You can also visit the folklore museum, where you can see the traditional folk architecture and lifestyle.

Városliget, the City Park of Budapest

Visit the City Park of Budapest, where you can see two buildings constructed according to the model of the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Ják church and you can walk around the lake. Next to the park lie the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Great Circus and the Amusement Park. They provide excellent programs if you plan to visit the capital city with your family.

The Vajdahunyad Castle in the Budapest City Park

The Vajdahunyad Castle in the Budapest City Park ©ph_en/Flick

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