Top 2 interesting museums in Kalocsa

The Karoly Viski Museum in Kalocsa

The Karoly Viski Museum in Kalocsa ©Antoine 49/Flick

Kalocsa is a Hungarian city, part of the county of Kiskunsag. It is one of the oldest settlements in Hungary and enjoyed a glorious history, this is proven by the numerous monuments that stay as a testimony of those times.

Although it is a city of nearly the same age as the Hungarian state, there the traditions and customs are still preserved until today. For example the embroidery art appeared in the region in the nineteenth century, but it is preserved to this day, the city being famous for the industry of a great value. Kalocsa is full of objectives and attractions, green spaces for recreation, beautiful landscapes and typical Hungarian restaurants.

The Paprika Museum in Kalocsa

The Paprika Museum in Kalocsa ©korom/Flick

The Paprika Museum

One of the most popular attractions in Kalocsa is the Paprika Museum, which can be visited on the St. Stephan street, on the Holy Trinity Square, located in the center of the town. You must have heard  of the sweet and spicy flavors of the paprika, always present in the Hungarian cuisine.

At the suggestivly entitled museum – Paprika – peppers of various kinds are hanging from the beams in an authentic style of the place. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Hungarian flavors, directly participating in the process of manufacturing of the famous culinary flavor. The process describes the steps necessary to obtain the traditional ingredient and the utensils used for this purpose. You can consider visiting Paprika Museum a complete lesson about planting, growing, digging, and  the harvest of the paprika in the most traditional manner possible.

Inside the Paprika Museum in Kalocsa

Inside the Paprika Museum in Kalocsa ©korom/Flick

The Karoly Viski Museum

The Karoly Viski Museum in Kalocsa is one of the most beautiful museums of the city. The collection titled “Minerals and Life” is very interesting. You can visit the rich exhibition of coins, containing ancient coins (Greek, Roman, Byzantine), Hungarian coins, starting with the dinar issued by Saint Stephen, foreign coins coming from Europe, Asia and the colonies and the fourth section containing coins with religious and Catholic inscriptions.

The Viski Károly Museum has a collection of traditional textiles from Kalocsa, especially costumes dating from the nineteenth century, this being considered as the most valuable  ethnographic part. You may also visit an exhibition showcasing archaeological pieces and relics discovered in the cemetery at Homokmégy-Halom. Special attention deserves the collection of ancient documents consisting of photographs, postcards, press articles and various publications that reflect the history of the city of Kalocsa. The museum also has a library that has approximately 10,000 volumes.

The Karoly Viski Museum in Kalocsa

The Karoly Viski Museum in Kalocsa ©Antoine 49/Flick


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