Top 2 restaurants in Budapest

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest ©goodiesfirst/Flick

The French Michelin Guide is a famous restaurant and hotel guide. The Michelin star became an international symbol of perfection in cookery.

Hungary has been allocated two Michelin stars. In March 2010, the Costes Restaurant in Budapest received the first Michelin award.

In March 2011 the Onyx Restaurant also earned the recognition of one star, and the Costes was able to preserve the star. According to this we can claim that the Costes and the Onyx are the top 2 restaurants in Budapest.

The Costes Restaurant

The Costes Restaurant is located next to the Kalvin Square and awaits its guests with international high level gastronomy and a wide choice of wine. It is one of the restaurant swith the highest standard of cuisine in Budapest under the leadership pf the Portuguese chef Miguel Rocha Vieira. It has an elegant ambience and excellent cuisine with a precisely thought-out menus, but you need to make reservations ahead. The Costes restaurant has a detachable room with air conditioning and free wireless Internet.

Costes Restaurant Budapest

In the Costes Restaurant in Budapest ©Erik Hartberg/Flick

The history of the new Costes began in 2006, when Gerendai Károly became one of the owners and they decided that is needed a total makeover. The restaurant was renewed in one and a half year in the inside and on the outside, while the staff was trained on high-level courses.

During this time the owners of this top restaurant in Budapest visited the best international restaurants in Europe and gained experience for opening. They choose the Portuguese Miguel Rocha Vieira who – despite his young age – had a significant international experience.

The long and profound preparation paid off as in the following year the restaurant won various awards and recognitions. In 2010 the restaurant achieved its main goal when in the 16th of March in the Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe publication the Costes Restaurant was awarded with a Michelin star. It was the first restaurant in Hungary and the second in the region with a Michelin Star. This top restaurant of Budapest could keep the star in 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well.

The Onyx Restaurant

The Onyx Restaurant is also one of the top 2 restaurants in Budapest. Its emphasis is not on a special food, but on fresh food made from the best possible materials and on simplicity. They try to make the food mainly from Hungary ingredients, but some meats (lamb, beef, veal) they aquire from abroad because they couldn’t find a home grower, who can provide constantly a high quality of raw materials.

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest - Danube Salmon

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest – Danube Salmon ©goodiesfirst/Flick

Of course, the Michelin Star is the merit of the kitchen and especially of the chef Szabina Szulló and the assistant chef Tamás Széll. Although the Onyx Restaurant is not the first Hungarian restaurant with Michelin-star, but it is the first recognition given to Hungarian chefs.

To receive the star the management of this top restaurant in Budapest extended the space to have a relaxed atmosphere even if it is filled to its maximum capacity of 49 people, replaced the dinnerware set and is working with the same team all week.

Of course, this price wasn’t a big surprise. According to the Restaurant Guide 2010 and other guides as well the Onyx was the third best restaurant in Budapest and the assistant chef Tamas Szell won the “Tradition and Evolution” chef competition in 2008 and in 2010 as well.

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest

Onyx Restaurant in Budapest ©goodiesfirst/Flick


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