Top 3 affordable castle hotels in Hungary

Almasy Castle Hotel

Almasy Castle Hotel ©

Do you sometimes want to feel the atmosphere of period dramas… well, old times and all the modern comforts at the same time and place? The following three places are perfect destinations if you do because here come the top 3 affordable castle hotels in Hungary.

In the country there are about 4,500 castles and mansions although during and after World War II many were destroyed or got into a horrible state. Fortunately many of them have been nicely renovated and some of these operate as castle hotels bringing back the memory of times almost forgotten when barons and baronets walked down the corridors of these beautiful castles.

Almásy Castle Hotel

Almasy Castle Hotel

Almasy Castle Hotel ©

Even the location of the 19th century Almasy Castle Hotel is fairy tale-like. Wandering the infinite landscapes of the Great Hungarian Plains you get to the small village of Kétpó from where only a narrow, crooked path leads to Almasy Castle.

The hotel and the garden surrounding it take you back to the elegance of the last century. It also offers everything a high standard hotel can give from horseback riding to Jacuzzi, massage and lots of colorful services. I have to mention that there is nothing more fabulous than taking a bubble bath and then have dinner in the restaurant of the hotel at candle light…

Fried Castle

Fried Castle Hotel

Fried Castle ©

This breathtaking, Art Nouveau castle is located in Simontornya, the warmest region of Transdanubia. Because of its climate, they make very good wine in the area, the hotel also has it’s own winery where they make wines with traditional methods.

The restaurant of Fried Castle is also very famous for its last century elegance and Hungarian specialties. After a good dinner you can retreat to the spa section. The castle hotel is located is right in the heart of a many hectares large French park bordered by grape hills and if you want something really romantic, just get on a carriage and take a tour on the property.

Széchenyi Castle Hotel

Szechenyi Castle Hotel

Szechenyi Castle Hotel ©

Szechenyi Castle in the vicinity of the Ferto Lake Cultural and National Park, is a World Heritage site. Szechenyi Castle Hotel is located in the western wing of the building, once called the Red Castle. The atmosphere is amazing, partly due to the fact that they used antique furniture and other items in the rooms and suites.

You can also visit the Memorial Museum of the Szechenyi Family or spend time in the traditional cafe from where you can admire the park and the inner garden. There are a lot of things to do, from getting on the Istvan Szechenyi Museum Railway or visiting the city of Sopron that is only 7 miles away.


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