Top 3 Budapest baths

Gellert Bath and Spa in Hungary

Gellert Bath ©

Not less than 10 of Budapest’s spas and thermal baths are open all year long waiting with services of high standard and great variety all those who are looking for some recreation, distraction and a lot of healthy fun. Budapest is one of the world’s most famous spa cities and righteously there are lots of high quality spas and pools, lots of Hungarian and foreign visitors come to enjoy the good effects of the Hungarnian waters.

If you would like to forget about the worries of life in the most elegant and beautiful spas of Budapest where apart from the beneficent waters, you can also admire the beauties of last century architecture and design, here are three perfect places for you. 

 Gellért Thermal Bath – on Medieval foundations

Gellert Thermal Bath and Spa

Gellert Bath ©

At the foot of Gellert Mountain, at the Buda end of Liberty Bridge lies this amazing bath built together with the elegant Gellert Hotel at the beginning of the 20th century, in Art-nouveau style. The thermal springs of the area shed their wonder-water for hundreds of years, there are many Medieval legends talking about the miraculous healing caused by the water.

The inside is breathtaking, the 700 square meter bath hall has a glass roof and the whole place is decorated with Zsolnay ceramic mosaics in a bit Eastern style, it s very fairy tale like. They have 13 indoor and 3 outdoor pools, other general bath features like sauna, massage, thermal bath as well as modern spa services, like chocolate treatment of lava stone massage.

Rudas Bath and Pool – a real Turkish bath

Rudas Bath and Pools in Budapest

Rudas Bath ©

Located on the Buda side of Erzsebet Bridge, Rudas Bath and Pools was first established by the Turks in the 15th century, during Hungary’s Turkish domination. It still has a very Eastern atmosphere and it is the most well known Turkish baths in the country. The bath has got 7 indoor pools, the oldest one being 450 years old, with a 10 meter high dome covering it.

They are trying to preserve its Turkish style and tradition, but you can enjoy all kinds of massages here as well, on weekends they offer the possibility of coeducated bathing. Rudas also offers drinking courses of the waters of three great sprigs, Attila, Juventus and Hungaria, the place is really cool and very popular.

Széchényi Thermal Bath – the most known

Szechenyi Bath in Budapest with 18 pools

Szechenyi Bath

This pearl of Hungarian baths is the most well-known and popular one among the three, the first thermal bath of Pest and one of the largest bath complexes in Europe. It opened in 1913 and has got 18 pools, 15 indoor and 3 outdoor, the sides of the outdoor pools as well as the inside spaces of the building is decorated with statues.

The offers of Szechenyi Bath have widened in the lest few years and now, apart from being a thermal bath, it also offers a many wellness services from fitness center and water aerobic to cellulite-massage, infra sauna, light therapy sauna and many other services.

Have been to one of the above baths? Let me know in the comment section, but if you haven’t and you plan a visit to Hungary, do not miss to visit at least on of the top 3 Budapest baths.








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