Top 3 churches in Kecskemet

The church of Saint Nicholas in Kecskemet

The church of Saint Nicholas in Kecskemet ©access.denied/Flick

Kecskemet is one of the 23 towns with county status in Hungary and it is part of the Kiskunsag subregion. It is located in the central part of the country and has a long history. The city was first documented in historical records dating from the first century BC. Kecskemet is a nice and clean city with welcoming locals and beautiful landscapes.

Today we present the top 3 churches in Kecskemet including the imposing Catholic Grand Church, the beautiful Romantic Calvinist Church and the famous Franciscan Church of Saint Nicholas or the Church of Monks.


The Grand Church of Kecskemet

The United Church is one of the most imposing buildings in Kecskemet and enjoys a great appreciation among tourists. The construction of the church building was started in 1774 according to the plans of Gáspár Oswald, but was completed several years later, in 1806.

From the entrance your eye will be catched by the group of statues depicting Jesus that handing Saint Peter the keys of heaven. The sculptures located in the niches of the interior walls representing Saint Stephen, King Lasislaus and Saints Peter and Paul are very interesting and have a great value.

The altar is very impressive and was painted by the Hungarian artist Ferenc Falkoner.

The church tower can be visited every year from June to August, and the view over the city is truly unforgettable. The Grand Church is located in Kecskemet.

The Great Church in Kecskemet

The Great Church in Kecskemet ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

Calvinist Church of Kecskemet

The Calvinist Church is an important tourist landmark in the city of Kecskemet. Located in the northeast of the Szabadság Square, with the Calvinist College built in 1912, the Calvinist Church of Kecskemet has a specific late romantic style. Today, it operates as a music school.

The church was built in Baroque style in the late seventeenth century and was the only stone church in the region during the Ottoman rule. Originally had two shrines and had no tower. Because of the war, passed through several stages of reconstruction and expansion, the last being in 1819 when the roof was decorated with tiles.

The Kalvinist Church in Kecskemet

The Kalvinist Church in Kecskemet ©access.denied/Flick

Franciscan Church of St. Nicholas in Kecskemet

Any tourist that arrives to Kecskemet wants to visit the oldest church in the city. This is the Franciscan Church of Saint Nicholas in Kecskemet which still preserves the medieval aspect, although it was built in the thirteenth century. It is decorated with elements of Romanesque inspiration. Among the locals it is known as the Church of Monks.

A special attention deserves the statuary group representing the Crucifixion and located on the outer wall. At the various renovations to the church building have been added Baroque inspired decorative elements. The Franciscan Church of Saint Nicholas is located in the Kossuth Square, that can be reached very easily.


The church of Saint Nicholas in Kecskemet

The church of Saint Nicholas in Kecskemet ©korom/Flick

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